PCM: VMware’s Kubernetes, Tanzu Strategy Is ‘Incredible’

Solution provider PCM is bullish on VMware’s ‘incredible’ new Kubernetes and container strategy with VMware Tanzu and Project Pacific.

Solution provider powerhouse PCM is betting big on VMware’s strategy in the red-hot container market with new offerings like VMware Tanzu and Project Pacific aiming to out-innovate its Kubernetes competitors.

“Kubernetes and containers had a chance to really push VMware from a market leadership [position] in running applications, and instead, [VMware] embraced it with Project Pacific,” said Phil Mogavero, vice president of advanced technology for PCM, ranked No. 14 on the 2019 CRN Solution Provider 500 list. “They are now taking Kubernetes and vSphere and integrating them together so that you can run a Kubernetes app, you can run a virtualized app, and you do that across all kinds of platforms—from the edge to support things like IoT devices, into typical data centers on-premise, and then into the cloud.”

Mogavero said VMware has created an “incredible foundation from the edge to the cloud to run containers and to also run virtualized applications.”

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In addition, with the virtualization star’s new Tanzu portfolio of products and services for Kubernetes and Pivotal Container Services (PKS), VMware will enable businesses to better build and manage virtualization applications.

“The VMware strategy is really incredible and we’re very excited about it,” said Mogavero.

VMware Tanzu includes a cross-cloud Kubernetes management console, dubbed Tanzu Mission Control, and will have a fully native Kubernetes environment within vSphere. IT administrators will be able to provision and manage clusters, and set policies directly from Mission Control that span vSphere Kubernetes and virtual machine environments, PKS, as well as the major public cloud Kubernetes services: Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS and Google GKS.

“What VMware has done is build a true software-defined solution, end to end, and they’re really in a market-leading position as a result of what they built,” said Mogavero.

El Segundo, Calif.-based PCM is set to be acquired by Insight in a $581 million blockbuster deal that will create a $9 billion solution provider powerhouse. The deal will gives Insight an additional 40 locations across three geographies and 4,000 employees including more than 2,700 client-facing employees in sales and service delivery.

“Insight has built a very strong digital infrastructure organization with a tremendous application development capability to help customers move into modern applications,” said Mogavero. “PCM has a very strong set of expertise around building the infrastructure—wired and wireless—to support customers in stadiums, on cruise ships, in oil fields, in all kinds of other environments and tying that application capability with the infrastructure capability that we both bring to market. And the customer base that we support from SMB to large enterprise I believe puts us in a market-leading position as we move forward together. … For our customers, we can provide a complete life-cycle set of solutions around VMware products.”