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PTC Channel Chief Stuart Heavyside On The ‘Massive’ SaaS Opportunity And Why Digital Marketing Is Key To Partner Success

Thomas Grillo

‘The transition to SaaS is going to drive a huge amount of revenue, which the channel is going to take more of,’ says PTC Senior Vice President and Channel Chief Stuart Heavyside. ‘We should see the pie get bigger and with that the channel get bigger as well.’

What sales goal do you have around SaaS?

We haven’t set targets around it yet. But we anticipate it will be a big part of the energy and effort that goes into the 2023 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

Are there certain products that go through the channel more heavily than others?

Our CAD business [through the channel] varies between 40 percent and 55 percent. It depends which quarter you look at it, but the CAD business is very heavily sold through our channel. Obviously, IoT and AR are big growth businesses, but they’re a smaller number. And that’s true for the channel and direct.

How can partners participate and make money selling SaaS?

We need to help our partners evolve into the business model that allows them to provide the services that make more of an impact in the SaaS world.

In a full SaaS multitenant environment, how much customization do you really want versus configuration? We’re moving from customizing things heavily to configuring them in a much more multitenant SaaS-like way.

Our partners are already doing a lot of this work because for years they’ve been trying to simplify how Windchill operates in the customer base. It’s more of an evolution of where we have been so they can drive those services and drive more revenue for themselves and PTC.

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