Redis Offers Cloud Database Through AWS Marketplace, Supports Google Anthos GKE

By extending its relationships with the two cloud platform providers Redis’ is making it easier for partners and customers to build and operate high-performance database applications in hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments.


Redis Labs, developer of the popular Redis Enterprise database, is taking its strategic alliances with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to the next level with announcements that make it easier to build and operate Redis-based applications in cloud environments.

Redis Labs is now offering its Redis Enterprise Cloud fully managed cloud Database-as-a-Service through the AWS online marketplace, the company announced at its RedisConf2021 event. Redis Labs also announced private preview availability of Redis Enterprise on Anthos with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Redis Enterprise, a high-performance, real-time NoSQL database, has become one of the most popular next-generation databases that competes with mainstream database software including the Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.

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Redis Labs has historically focused on in-memory cache applications for its database but more recently has been expanding its technology offerings and use cases.

Redis works with a range of channel partners including systems integrators and consulting firms such as Accenture and Carahsoft, solution providers SHI and SoftwareONE, and ISVs.

“The key element is taking these capabilities and continuing to expand the usage and leveraging our channel partner ecosystem to bring those best-in-class capabilities efficiently to customers and meet them where they are,” said Jason Forget, Redis Labs chief revenue officer and general manager in an interview with CRN.

Like many database vendors, Redis Labs now offers a fully managed, cloud-based version of its database, Redis Enterprise Cloud, that can support applications in hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments. The cloud database supports AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

The availability of Redis Enterprise in the AWS Marketplace means that customers and partners can benefit from simplified, consolidated billing with other AWS usage. They also can use financial commitments with AWS towards the purchase of Redis Enterprise Cloud, according to the company.

A Forrester Research report issued earlier this year said that online marketplaces could account for upward of 17 percent of the $3.5 trillion that businesses and governments are expected to spend on IT this year.

Redis Labs is already an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and holds an AWS Outposts Ready designation.

The certification of Redis Enterprise on Google Anthos will enable customers to extend a real-time data layer to on-premises, bare-metal, hybrid- and multi-cloud environments while maintaining a GKE operational experience, according to Redis Labs.

The Redis Enterprise database will also be available on the GKE Marketplace which, as with the AWS Marketplace announcement, will give customers and partners the benefit of consolidated billing and rapid deployment of Redis Enterprise.

Anthos is Google’s managed application platform that extends Google Cloud services. The extension of Redis Enterprise Kubernetes Operator’s availability to both Anthos and the GKE Marketplace will provide automated deployment and management of Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes and cloud technology.

Redis Labs cited 2020 research from application monitoring service provider Datadog that found that Redis is the leading container image running in Kubernetes StatefulSets.

The Google Anthos GKE announcement means that by leveraging Redis Enterprise Kubernetes Operator customers can simplify operations with automated lifecycle management and have faster application development and assured cloud portability.

Forget said the expanded Google relationship around Anthos and GKE “opens things up” for partners by providing them with more options and flexibility for customers’ cloud migration and digital transformation projects within hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments.

“GKE and, particularly, Anthos, in terms of a multi-cloud strategy, enables that and I think the partner ecosystem is going to benefit from that,” Forget said. Because IT environments are going to stay complex and “messy” for some time, “I think there’s a huge opportunity for [systems integrators}, ISVs, VARs, to benefit from that.”

Redis Enterprise on Anthos with GKE is now in private preview. No date for general availability has been set.

The expanded AWS and Google relationships come on the heels of Redis Labs’ $110 million Series G funding announcement on April 7. At the time Redis said it would apply the financing to continued development of its database as well as expand the company’s global footprint and boost customer support.