Exclusive: Steve Ballmer Speaks With CRN At Microsoft WPC

Exclusive: Steve Ballmer Speaks With CRN At Microsoft WPC

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

In the wake of unveiling the Microsoft Surface tablet and with the highly anticipated release of Windows 8 around the corner, to say there is a lot going at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto is an understatement. While the tablet announcement certainly shows Microsoft's intent on making a run at Apple, it's probably safe to assume its approach to entering this space has left some of the 15,000 Microsoft partners attending the event with some questions about the company's long-term channel vision.

Speaking exclusively to CRN at Microsoft WPC, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had quite a bit to say about his company's foray into the tablet space, his views on Apple's mobility foothold and just how Microsoft partners can actually get a piece of the Surface action. Check out CRN's coverage of Microsoft WPC and the exclusive interview with Steve Ballmer below.

Microsoft's Ballmer Bets Big On Cloud, Mobility; Partners Want In

Steve Ballmer is fired up, and he is talking about a new, more competitive Microsoft. It is a Microsoft playing offense, willing to do what it takes to win as it moves to stop anyone from wresting away its crown as the world leader in bringing personal computing to the masses.

Ballmer: Surface Tablet Not A Publicity Stunt

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the software giant has put a lot of "real blood, sweat and tears" into its new Surface tablet.

Exclusive: Ballmer Tells Partners To Buy Surface From Microsoft.com

Ballmer told CRN that if partners want to sell Surface they are welcome to "go for it" and buy it directly from Microsoft.com.

Ballmer Pledges Level Tablet Playing Field For Hardware OEMs

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the software giant will charge itself a software royalty so that its hardware OEM partners are on equal footing in the battle against Microsoft's own Surface Tablet.

Microsoft Boosts Spending On Incentives For Channel Cloud, Solution Sales

COO Turner urges partners to leverage Microsoft's revamped product line to compete.

Microsoft Windows Server Launch Date, And A Direct Shot At VMware

New 'Switch to Hyper-V' program offers training and tools partners can use to convince customers to shift from VMware to Windows Server and its Hyper-V technology.

Microsoft To Let Partners Handle Office 365 Subscription Billing

Partners now will be able to buy Office 365 subscription keys from a price list, sell subscriptions to customers and bill them for the service.

Microsoft WPC: 10 Issues Ballmer & Co. Must Address

With 15,000 partners expected in Toronto next week for the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft executives have an opportunity to respond to what's uppermost in partners' minds.

20 Questions With Microsoft's Ballmer

Steve Ballmer spoke with CRN about the company’s innovation battle against rival Apple, the new Surface tablet and what the future will look like for Microsoft and its partners. Here are edited excerpts from the interview.

Q&A: Ballmer's Tough Talk On Surface, Apple And Partners

Ballmer didn't hold back in an exclusive interview with CRN, saying the software giant will leave no stone unturned -- not the consumer cloud or any kind of hardware software innovation -- in its battle with Apple. Here's the full transcript.

Ballmer On Windows 8 VDI License For iPads: 'We Are In A Battle'

Microsoft's new Companion Device License, which allows iPads and Android tablets to use Windows 8 through virtualization, is its way of giving Windows 8 tablets an advantage.

Ballmer On Microsoft's iPhone Killer: 'We'll See What Happens'

Steve Ballmer tells CRN that the software giant feels empowered to "innovate" anywhere and everywhere against rival Apple and did not even discount the possibility that Microsoft could build its own iPhone competitor.

Exclusive: Microsoft's Ballmer Throws Down Gauntlet Against Apple

Microsoft recently denied that it's considering making its own branded smartphone, but CEO Steve Ballmer appears to be leaving the door open to the idea.

Microsoft: Dynamics CRM Going To Pay-For-Performance Model

At its Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft also revealed tougher 'competency' requirements for Dynamics AX resellers to reach Gold status.

Microsoft To Acquire Display-Maker Perceptive Pixel

Microsoft is again taking aim at the hardware market with the acquisition of touchscreen display-maker Perceptive Pixels.