Demo: ParStream Analytics Platform

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Data has been identified as a huge revenue opportunity in the Internet-of-Things business, and ParStream (named to CRN’s 2014 Emerging Vendors list) looks to capitalize on the space with "the industry's first analytics platform built for IoT."

"ParStream is a unique analytics platform that allows companies to take sensor machine and telco-type data, and analyze this massive data in realtime, with highly flexible analytics to do multidimensional analysis, to understand trends over time," said ParStream's Jed McGraw.

McGraw said end users can then "use those trends to bring in predictive analytics and intelligence into our engine and run those analytics in reatime as data is ingested."

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The ParStream platform is powered by ParStream DB, "a patented database" that can analyze "billions of rows of data." ParStream said end users can deploy IoT applications twice as fast as they would be able to with competing vendors.