Value Of Next-Generation Apps Is In Data

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Mobile applications have come into their own as a dominant force in technology. Today, mobile device users can do anything from managing bank accounts to tracking sleep patterns. But Chet Kapoor, CEO of San Jose, Calif.-based API management company Apigee, said apps, like everything else in IT, are undergoing a transformation.

’Where did apps start from? ’Angry Birds.’ Right? That’s what apps used to be; they would just be the value of the app was the app itself,’ Kapoor said.

’The next version and where we are today is called the companion app. You have some kind of car, you have a device, you have something where your app now is not actually stand-alone, it’s connected to something else. It could be a back-end server. But you’re actually doing something more substantial than just running something on your mobile phone,’ Kapoor continued.

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Internet of Things applications, which have been hailed as the new wave of technology, fall under the companion category. But Kapoor said the transformation will go beyond these types of apps.

’We think the future is the data app. The data app is about, and the value is about, combining all types of data,’ Kapoor said.

He said the data app processes triggers and signals across devices, sensors and APIs, and then combines that data into meaningful conclusions.