Accenture: How Should Companies Decide To Partner In Platform Technology?

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According to Accenture CTO Paul Daugherty, companies looking to get into the platform technology space first need to decide whether they want to partner to build platform services offerings, or create their own to compete in the space.

’Do you want to create that business? Do you want to think about how that business model would work as companies like GE, Phillips and others are doing, or do you want to partner? And think about how you adjust your business model to be part of platforms?’ Daugherty said.

’One’s not better than the other, but they’re very different, and I think a lot of companies now are confused about which they want to be in,’ he said.

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Daugherty said other big considerations companies need to make concern the decision of being proprietary or open, keeping data private or sharing it, and finally how much companies want to invest in a platform technology.

’Invest vs. leverage that’s, I guess, the other side of compete vs. partner. There’s a financial aspect if you’re going to compete vs. partner,’ he said.