Demo: Windows 10 Top Features

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Microsoft officially launchedWindows 10, its new operating system, in Microsoft stores across the country today. At the Boston store, Microsoft gave CRNtv a walk-through demonstration of the sleek, new system.

The first thing users will notice is the return of the start button -- a feature that was left out of the less popular Windows 8. Through the start button, users can access ’live tiles" of their favorite applications. They can swap out the apps they choose to live on the start screen whenever they feel like it.

Windows 10 users gain access to the personal assistant application, Cortana, on the taskbar. Cortana will answer questions and search within a device for the user.

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Microsoft upgraded its browser in Windows 10 with Edge, which can recognize when the user reads an article, and drop all possible distractions in an e-reader display mode.

For Surface users, Windows 10 offers the continuum feature. When the user detaches the tablet portion of the Surface from its keyboard, it immediately converts into a touch-friendly display. When the tablet is re-docked, it transforms back into laptop mode.