PresentiGo: The New PowerPoint Alternative

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PowerPoint is the tool of choice for most sales teams and presenters, but Boston-based PresentiGo offers a more engaging and visually pleasing SaaS alternative.

"PresentiGo is a next-generation presentation sales enablement platform," said Co-Founder Trevor Perry. The SaaS offering is integrated with Salesforce, and best serves startups and large enterprise businesses.

What's the major difference between PresentiGo and PowerPoint? ’PresentiGo makes content that people actually want to look at," Perry said.

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The presentation owner can control the entire deck from a tablet, and swirl and rotate 3-D images and graphs. PresentiGo is user-friendly with normal PowerPoint functions as well as panoramics.

"It's very, very responsive. Every single slide in PresentiGo actually loads in real time," Perry said.

PresentiGo's patented slide format allows presenters to enter data during a presentation, like an audience questionnaire, and view the data at the end of the slide deck. Users also can build 3-D graphs integrated with Excel data.

"Really being able to show, in detail, how things work and how we interact, is what we live for," Perry said.

PresentiGo is offered at the individual, team and enterprise levels. Enterprise PresentiGo, which is Salesforce-integrated, is available for $35/user/month.