Akumina Offers SharePoint Services, No 'Expertise' Necessary

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Nashua, N.H.-based software company Akumina wants to take the headache out of CMS adoption and implementation, as well as help enterprise users build a successful website on SharePoint 2013.

’We make it easier for information workers and communications professionals to manage intranets with a lot of heavy content elements without having to become SharePoint experts,’ said Eric Darbe, Akumina director of marketing.

’We abstract SharePoint totally from an end user as far as understanding site contents and other areas of SharePoint that you have to be an expert in to typically add content into SharePoint,’ said Darbe.

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Akumina’s InterChange product enables easier content authoring and site management. With InterChange, end users never even see the complex SharePoint user interface, according to Akumina.

The Microsoft partner counts C-Span, CBS and Walmart as clients. The company also recently scooped upCarbonite’s former vice president of sales, David Maffei,who now serves as chief revenue officer at Akumina.