How Expressworks Consultants Guide Corporations Through SharePoint Adoption

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Expressworks consultants have one goal: Take the pain points out of the sometimes-perplexing SharePoint.

’We’re the people side of SharePoint. We focus on SharePoint adoption,’ said Expressworks Change Management Consultant Liz Jagla. ’How do you get the value out of the solution you’ve deployed? And that actually starts from the very beginning, from when you decided to create a site or redesign a site, all the way through the deployment aspect of making sure that people are using it the way that you need it to be used.’

Expressworks, which was founded in 1984, works with teams in large corporations to teach and implement SharePoint best practices. But Jagla said having a team leader and consistent use of SharePoint throughout a team are key to success with the software.

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’It’s coming up with common rules of engagement for an organization to say, ’Here’s how we’re going to use SharePoint.’ Get people involved with it, find power users within that organization,’ said Jagla.

Expressworks’ clients include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Chevron, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and Citibank.