Microsoft Upgrades Video Portal For Office 365

Formerly 'IPED Player for New Site'

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SharePoint 2016 boosts several features in Office 365, but the video portal in particular has gotten a facelift from Microsoft’s latest release.

The new video portal can be accessed through the video tile and used for life-cycle and back-end management. Users can access trending videos, company meetings and training videos. They can also pin specific channels.

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’The couple of scenarios here that you could imagine using this video portal for is for training your IT department, or teams might have the concept of help desks and creating content. Or it could just be an open community channel where people want to post whatever they want,’ said Senior Product Manager Mark Kashman.

Videos play from Azure media services and use the same technology that ’backed the Olympics twice.’ That means videos play from the cloud, and are customized to fit when and where users access videos.

’We always check what device and what’s your bandwidth and adapt accordingly,’ Kashman said.

An office graph below the player shows related videos based on viewer history, as well as what videos users in a community have recently viewed. Videos from the player can also be embedded on SharePoint online sites.