Dell Big Data Solution Offers Predictions For A Business' Future

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What if you could predict the future of your business? It might sound too good to be true, but Dell software group’s data analytics platform, Statistica, aims to do just that -- in addition to cutting costs and building revenue.

In a demonstration with CRNtv, senior analytics consultant Danny Stout showed how Statistica and Dell’s full end-to-end big data solution could predict when customers may leave a company.

Data analysis models are useless if business leaders cannot make sense of them, so Dell’s big data solution provides visualizations of analyzed data.

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’They can actually drill down into people who are 50 percent likely to leave the company,’ Stout pointed out in the demonstration.

In the example, Statistica can also group the data by characteristics like the region, state and gender of the person considering leaving the company.

’The barrier that we have with churn analysis is that data lives in so many different places,’ Stout said. ’We have data on the web, so we need to bring in data from Google calendar or Yahoo Finance in order to bring predictive power to these models.’

Statistica can also pull data from, Oracle databases and Hadoop.

’So the Dell end-to-end solution, hardware, software, as well as services,really aims to take all of this data together and make it work well together and derive a predictive analytics solution that’s going to help,’ Stout said.