Microsoft Brings Big Data Mainstream With Cortana Analytics Suite

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Microsoft’s recently released Cortana Analytics Suite aims to be the ’Office of analytics.’ Microsoft vice president Joseph Sirosh walked through the major features of the software.

It’s focused in four areas: information management, big data stores, machine learning and analytics, and dashboards and visualizations.

Information management allows users to ’bring data in and manage it,’ according to Sirosh. ’And it turns out to be a much more complex problem that you think, in real-world situations.’ Big data stores maintain data in queriable ways. Machine learning and analytics allow for real-time batch analytics through features like Azure Stream Analytics.

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Cortana, the Microsoft personal assistant likened to Siri, comes into play in the dashboards and visualizations area. Cortana improves the user’s ability to quickly search and recall huge amounts of data in various forms, including data from video and facial recognition software.

Microsoft looks to implement the solution through the channel, with a focus on financial services, retail, and manufacturing.