Microsoft VP: Why Data Intelligence Matters

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According to Microsoft Vice President Joseph Sirosh, "we are in the age of data," and the intelligence gleaned from that data, as is the progression of cloud computing, is extremely valuable.

"Cloud is eating data," Sirosh said. "And when the cloud eats software and digests data, you get intelligence."

He explained the evolution of data from analog to digital over the past several decades, and how the Internet overturned the apple cart.

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"With the Internet, that data grew very, very fast," he said. Cloud computing further enabled data analytics by connecting data and hosting mobile data.

"And connected data is a fundamentally different type of data," he added, as it can be moved and integrated.

Sirosh said at least half of today's data lives in the cloud and is connected. He predicted that number booming in the next five years.

"The vast majority of it all will be living in the cloud," he said.

According to Sirosh, that has "profound implications" for all of us.

"Intelligence is driving the changes in customer experience. That's actually a profound transformation. And it's having an effect even in industries that you least expect," he said.