Four Types of Intelligence That Can be Abstracted From Data Analytics

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Microsoft has recently heavily invested in the growing area of big data analytics, and vice president Joseph Sirosh explained why: There is a lot to be gained when the information is analyzed. Sirosh broke down the intelligence that one can gain from data analytics into four categories.

’The first type of intelligence you abstract is to ask the question, ’what actually happened?’’ Sirosh said. Traditional databases have always been designed to categorize and query this intelligence. But it requires people and insights, which is labor-intensive and slow.

The second type asks, ’why something happened.’

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’Then your time-to-decision is a lot shorter, you can take better actions,’ Sirosh said. ’If you’re even smarter, you’ll ask the question, ’what will happen?’ And you will have statistical predictions.’

Finally after surpassing all these types of gained intelligence, Sirosh said the last type of intelligence informs someone of ’what is the optimal thing I can do?’

’That then drives to automation, full-fledged automation. That, in many ways, is our goal,’ he said.