EMC, Pivotal Launch New Program For Open-Source Development

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With an eye on the changing IT landscape, EMC and Pivotal launched a new program in Cambridge, Mass., focused on the development of open-source software and applications for the cloud.

In Japanese, ’dojo’ means ’the place of the way,’ and EMC and Pivotal have named the center the Cloud Foundry dojo. Cloud Foundry is a Platform-as-a-Service offering centered around cloud-native application development.

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Thirty-year EMC veteran Brian Gallagher said the dojo will offer users the opportunity to learn ’how to develop modern software and technologies that are used.’

The Kendall Square location, in close proximity to MIT, is not exclusive to EMC and Pivotal employees, but open to anyone looking to learn.

’Let’s say that you’re a reseller and you’re looking to become a service provider, operating a platform is hard. You can just use Cloud Foundry. So you can learn about Cloud Foundry here and become a good user of it,’ said Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji, who previously worked at Microsoft.

’This is really about helping customers go through digital transformation,’ said Gallagher.