How Google Elevated The Business Of An Auto Parts Reseller

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Westford, Mass.-based family-owned business 1A Auto may seem like an unusual partner for Google, but the company has used Google tools to elevate its online-centric auto parts reselling business.

Since 1998, 1A Auto has sold auto parts online. The website includes detailed descriptions of everything from taillights to brake pads, as well as a full library of DIY instruction videos.

The business has 200 employees, and revenues run north of $150 million. But the business is made possible only through Google platform technology and analytics.

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"It's auto parts, but we've used platforms in ways where we can go out on the Internet [and] find information on our customers. We know who our customers are, we know what they want, we know how much they want to pay for it," said co-founder Mike Green.

But the fact-finding and data collection don't stop there. 1A Auto uses Google tools to research its competition and stay up to date in the auto parts market.

"We know who our competitors are, we know, to a degree, what they sell, what their trends are, and we can react to them," said Green.

1A Auto has also benefited by being branded a Google "Trusted Store," giving unfamiliar customers peace of mind about buying large purchases online. The company is just one example of the verticals to which major tech vendors like Google are extending their services game.