Demo: A SaaS Solution For Tech Companies Drowning In Legal Paperwork

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Whether you’re a vendor or a solution provider, reviewing and analyzing legal documents can present a time-consuming, expensive challenge to your business.

Boston-based software startup LinkSquares has developed a tool specifically built for technology companies to track and search contract data, utilizing machine learning.

’This is what we do for companies: We want to actually help them turn their corporate data from a liability to an asset [so] they can be able to find the information that they need quickly, reduce risk, improve compliance, and help them automate their reporting process,’ said LinkSquares’ Chris Combs.

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The tool indexes customer contracts for companies and identifies key pieces of agreements and negotiations. Users can take notes on documents and later quickly and easily search indexes of documents to find important contracts.

LinkSquares aims to speed up lengthy M&A deals and patenting processes, which it said should benefit the technology sector overall.