This App Wants To Digitize Your Entire Wallet

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Decades after Seinfeld immortalized the exploding wallet issue faced by people with loads of credit cards and gift cards, one iOS and Android developer has finally created a digitized solution: The Mobile Cards.

According to The Mobile Cards, one-third of US consumers now use mobile wallets, like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

’But the problem is that they created the ecosystem, they created the platform, but they don’t create actual cards,’ said The Mobile Cards’ Andrii Demko.

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The Philadelphia-based software company links companies’ POS, CRM, and loyalty programs with consumers’ phones. It also works with event tickets, transit tickets, and business and membership cards.

Right now, The Mobile Cards offers digitized versions of cards and tickets from various companies, including but not limited to: American Express, Apple, Target, Ticketmaster, W Hotels, and Fandango. The company has built partnerships with several airlines, including American Airlines and AirFrance.