Who Do Big Data Companies Want To Hire?

It’s no secret that big data is one of the hottest technology and business segments in today’s market. So who are the individuals making big data companies successful, and who are these companies looking to hire?

Catalina Chief Technology Officer Steve Rubinow said that while the company always wants good technologists, the ideal hire is who he calls ’the versatilist.’

’We’re looking for people who are good in a bunch of different things. That doesn’t mean that they’re experts in everything, but they’re good in a bunch of different things. They understand technology, they understand data science, they understand business,’ Rubinow said.

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Boston-based AthenaHealth Chief Technology Officer Prakash Khot agreed. ’We call them the ’outcome managers,’ people who are really thinking in terms of outcomes, and have a good understanding of our technology, data, and the analytical functions that we can bring to the table.’

Forrester Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri said all big data companies need competent people in three different roles: the data scientist, the data engineer, and a ’business person with imagination.’

’I think it’s really important to have people who can communicate what data analytics does, as well as people who can actually do it,’ said Luminoso CEO Catherine Havasi.