Forrester Outlines Opportunities For Big Data, IoT In B2B Manufacturing

The opportunities to leverage big data for value are apparent in the manufacturing space, according to Forrester Research.

’In particular in B2B [the opportunity that] we see is pricing,’ said Forrester principal analyst Mike Gualtieri. ’Doing more customized pricing for customers, supply chain, logistics.’

Gualtieri said the rise of the Internet of Things in manufacturing, and particularly in B2B manufacturing, has provided opportunities around data collection from mobile devices. The data collected from devices on factory floors can be used to create predictive models.

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’We have some data that shows what industries have the most uptake in IoT. It’s finance, then manufacturing is No. 2 or 3,’ Gualtieri said.

’There’s a ton of data available because there’s so many devices in a factory.’

Gualtieri referenced General Electrics, one company that has made a recent push in the space of the Internet of Industrial Things.

’They’re trying to use that data [from factories] to be a more predictive enterprise,’ he said.