Paperflite SaaS Offering Bundles Content Creation, Presentation, Management Into One Solution

Secaucus, N.J.-based content management and sales enablement company Paperflite has bundled all the necessary steps of the sales and marketing content stream into one SaaS solution, available now, the company says.

The mobile-first sales enablement platform includes three integrated modules: an online publisher, a mobile presentation application and Fliteview shareable microsites.

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Through the online publisher, sales staff can publish and distribute sales materials through customized "streams." The mobile presentation application lets sales professionals create storyboards and presentations from curated content, and present it on the road.

After presentations, Fliteview allows sales staff to create microsites preloaded with content from presentations and meetings.

All of the content resides within the Paperflite solution bundle, so sales professionals can gain insights into buyer journeys like user downloads and shares. Fliteview also allows the content curator to track how users interact with content from microsites.

The solution is beautiful, according to the company, and creators promise it's easy to upload content from any source.

"We've made onboarding very, very, very simple. And by that I mean if you're using Box, Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint, or any of these tools right now, all that you need to do is just connect. You don’t need to do anything else,’ said Paperflite's Yegappan Kumarappan.

Kumarappan promises a "complete family tree of your content right from its origination, to being presented, how it's being handled during the presentation, to how it's being distributed to your audience, and what the audience does with all of this content."