APX Software Guides Enterprise Workplace Wearables

Herndon, Va.-based APX has brought enterprise wearable software to smart glasses and watches to the workplace, whether employees are in an office or on a factory floor.

APX's Skylight software works on a variety of devices. It allows users to capture and share media, view live data feeds, view work instructions and immediately access help. The company partners with system integrators and ISVs through it Skylight Nation partner program.

"The magic of these devices is that they allow you to work hands-free," said Ed English, APX chief product officer.

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"It works across a variety of devices and is used today by companies like Boeing, GE and many others around the world," he added.

Boeing workers use the software on smart glasses during wire harness assembly on some commercial aircraft.

"It allows the technicians to see their work instructions -- which are very complicated, detailed work instructions -- while they're doing their tasks," said English.

The software enables workers to perform complex, hands-on tasks, and simultaneously access information and managers.

Other customers include Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Shell and ExxonMobil.