Demo: Tactix PaaS for Artificial Intelligence

Global solution provider Tech Mahindra has placed bets on the Internet of Things and machine learning platforms, most notably with its artificial intelligence platform, Tactix.

The company calls Tactix its ’flagship platform’ for predictive analytics and automated resolution.

Tech Mahindra’s Ritesh Shah said Tactix offers simplified onboarding for SMBs looking for a start in artificial intelligence and machine learning. SMBs can easily log in and upload their existing data and information in the Expert Console.

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’When you talk about any cognitive application, or any intelligence solutions, training is the critical aspect and Tech Mahindra Tactix comes with a simplified version called Expert Console,’ Shah explained.

The Platform-as-a-Service offering lets SMBs automate, monitor, analyze, and process huge amounts of data while enabling technical support and performance management.

Within the Expert Console, the user can automate service requests and training modules and view huge amounts of service requests at any given time.

’When you are doing things automatically, your traceability is very important, your log history is very important,’ Shah said. ’And we want to make sure that we are not creating any disasters.’