Demo: Collibra Data Governance Center

Data governance software leader Collibra’s flagship solution, the Data Governance Center, is an end-to-end product suite built for modern data stewards, the owners and managers of critical data sets.

Collibra promises a consumerlike, web-focused application that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and other productivity solutions.

When users log into the platform, the dashboard is customized to whatever their role may be.

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’The only things you’re interested in are the things related to you or your role, or line of business, or maybe your domain,’ said Collibra CTO Stan Christiaens.

Users can track metrics to see the processes of different data-focused tasks and triage data issues.

Chief data officers may not be interested in individual task progress, so they can get a high overview with the data oversight dashboard feature, where they can track open tasks across a team.

’Maybe there’s an unfair division in the team -- you look at the progress on the critical data elements,’ Christiaens demonstrated.

Collibra has a global partner program for resellers.