Google Android Studio 2.2 Will Operate 3X Faster Than Most Devices

Google continues to target the application development space as an area for dominance, as the company looks to release the newest version of its integrated development environment, Android Studio 2.2.

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that equips developers with tools like code editors and debuggers.

’When we first started with Android Studio, we wanted a purpose-built IDE that was incredibly tuned for our languages and natives of the Android Platform,’ said Head of Platform Development Relations at Google Timothy Jordan.

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According to Google, 92 percent of the top 125 apps and games use Android Studio in development.

’It’s had tremendous momentum in a short time,’ Jordan said.

Google released Android Studio 2.0 earlier this year, which focused on speed and its Instant Run feature, which allows developers to swap out code and resources directly in the Android app.

Google’s update, Studio 2.1, was built side-by-side with Android Nougat, Google’s latest phone and tablet OS update.

Developers are eagerly awaiting Google’s new Studio 2.2 update, which includes emulators that are three times faster than previous iterations.

’The 2.2 release focuses on speed, smarts, and Android platform support. It has a ton of updates from Firebase integration to enhanced C++,’ Jordan said.

’One of the coolest things here is that it’s faster than the device in most cases,’ he added.

Google released the latest beta version preview of Studio 2.2 on Aug. 1.