Google Offers Free Firebase Solution For Mobile App Development Based On Google Analytics

Google has elevated its acquisition of cloud services provider Firebase to form a back-end-as-aservice that promises to alleviate developers’ pains in Android, iOS and mobile web development.

Google acquired San Francisco-based Firebase in October 2014, and the company promises to save developers from time and resource constraints while keeping them from working on infrastructure all day.

’It’s driven by this one thought that the process of creating a successful app needs to be more simple, and that’s why we’ve built this next generation of Firebase,’ said Head of Platform Development Relations at Google Timothy Jordan.

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’It’s 15 different technologies that help you develop, grow your app, and earn money,’ he added.

One feature of the BaaS, Firebase Analytics, is a new free unlimited analytics solution for mobile apps.

’Analytics is a central part of Firebase that draws all the features together,’ Jordan said.

The tool is based on Google Analytics and offers developers insight into how users are utilizing an app. App owners can also see the performance of paid advertising campaigns.

’Of course, it’s also free and unlimited to use, which is really cool,’ Jordan said.