Wise Systems Vet Develops AI-Engineered Chatbots For Business

Former Wise Systems software architect Homer Quan has struck out on his own with an AI-elevated chatbot built for businesses, just in time for the ’bot’ rage taking the world by storm.

Quan’s Hanover, N.H.-based startup is convospot.io, and he promises ’simple and intelligent communication between business owners and online visitors.’

’Imagine you can have a personal assistant to help you handle email 24/7 and almost for free,’ Quan said.

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Convospot’s chatbots utilize machine learning and AI to constantly improve their conversational skills in order to automatically talk to customers. Users can personalize chatbots, and ’importing, exporting, and editing knowledge can be as easy as copying and pasting a word file.’

’The recent developments in AI provide a new way to extract knowledge from the daily conversations through your email or your messages,’ Quan said.

’It can accumulate valuable knowledge from you daily communications,’ he added.

Users can track customers’ activity with chatbots through real-time data processing.