Demo: Android for Work 5.0

Google continues to target the enterprise market with updates to its powerhouse Android operating system, Android for Work.

The latest updates let professionals customize mobile settings while keeping productivity apps secure, in a more simple, elegant interface than previous generations of the OS.

’It lets you control your work app from quick settings,’ said Google Head of Platform Development Relations Timothy Jordan. ’You just hit that briefcase [icon] and you’ll notice all those app icons at the bottom have turned gray, they’ve been disabled. This is really great for the weekends, for example.’

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With the updates, IT departments can also set passwords for work apps.

’So then users can get through the lock screen the way that they normally would to their personal apps, but when it comes to their work apps, there’s an extra layer of security,’ Jordan said.

Android for Work includes ’robust security features integrated into the platform’ including sandboxing (running applications in a separate sandbox with limited access to the OS), encryption, and security-enhanced Linux.