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Sisense Offers Partners Path To Recurring Revenue Through BI, Amazon Echo Integration Solution

Meghan Ottolini

Software company Sisense has a goal of simplifying the world of complex analytics, offering an elegant solution for business intelligence.

’Sisense is a software company that does one thing and one thing very well, that is to simplify business analytics for complex data,’ said Amir Orad, the company's CEO.

With Sisense, users can extract sophisticated business intelligence from analytics without building a data warehouse or buying a slew of different technology tools.

That’s good news for Sisense partners.

’The reason it is so valuable to a reseller, a partner, or a VAR, is that you can give to your customers much more value for the same investment,’ Orad said.

Sisense promises ’aggressive margins’ and ’short sales cycles’ for its partners, because it's a single-stack solution that integrates with the burgeoning Internet of Things space.

Most recently, Sisense has integrated with Amazon Echo, connecting its core analytics engine to the device.

’The NLP engine inside of Amazon will translate that into text we understand, our AI will translate that into an analytical query, and we’ll give you an answer on the spot without the need to change anything,’ Orad said.

Orad said Sisense sent the solution to 1,000 customers, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

’People came back to us and said this is really, really valuable,’ Orad said.

’One of our customers is now putting it in the boardroom for board meetings,’ he added, noting that Amazon Echo’s Alexa can immediately answer such questions as: What was the revenue last year?

Sisense is actively recruiting partners, and invites them to explore more solutions that can enable recurring revenue growth.

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