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10 Cool Tech Companies That Raised Funding In November 2022

Rick Whiting

Security tech providers Apiiro and Bishop Fox, big data software developers Alation and MotherDuck, and machine learning startup Galileo are among the companies that raised new financing in November, a list led by data and memory connectivity technology startup Astera Labs.

Follow The Money

The availability of venture capital and other funding for IT startups and IT companies seeking financial resources to maintain growth continues to shrink with fewer companies reporting successful funding rounds in recent months and far fewer winning funding rounds of $100 million or more.

But some IT companies continue to attract significant financing. In November Astera Labs, a developer of purpose-built data and memory connectivity solutions that remove performance bottlenecks from data center systems, raised an impressive $150 million in a Series D round.

WekaIO, which provides a cloud-based data management system for next-generation workloads, raised $135 million, also in a Series D round. And data intelligence platform marketer Alation reported a $123 million Series E round.

As has been the case this year most of the companies on the November list are either in the big data space, including MotherDuck, EdgeDB and Momento, or in the cybersecurity arena including application security company Apiiro, offensive security provider Bishop Fox, and DevSecOps platform developer Boost Security.

Machine learning also remains a hot sector for startups, represented in November by Galileo, which raised $18 million in a Series A funding round.

Here’s a look at 10 companies that raised funding in November 2022.

* Astera Labs

* WekaIO

* Alation

* Apiiro

* MotherDuck

* Bishop Fox

* Galileo

* EdgeDB

* Momento

* Boost Security


Rick Whiting

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