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10 New Google Cloud Programs, Certs, Incentives For Partners

Mark Haranas

Google Cloud is aiming to improve the Google Partner Advantage program in 2023—from creating a new migration program and support desk, to changing how it provides partner incentives. Here are 10 new Google Cloud launches that every partner needs to know.

Google Cloud’s Partner Strategy, Initiatives For 2023 Unveiled

Google Cloud is evolving its flagship Partner Advantage program, boosting incentives across the board for partners and investing heavily in new training and support in 2023.

“We’re unveiling a number of new incentives to drive new logos and consumption acceleration through our new, stackable incentive model which provides incentives to partners in every step of the customer engagement cycle,” said Google Cloud’s global channel chief Kevin Ichhpurani in an interview with CRN.

From a new unified migration program and introduction of product family-specific tracks to a new support desk for partners, Google Cloud is doubling down on increasing partner margins, sales, expertise, and customer opportunities in 2023.

“The big message here is that Google continues to double down with its investments in our partner ecosystem,” Ichhpurani told CRN. “What customers are expecting more is a much higher degree of deep specialization in areas like analytics, cybersecurity, and app modernization. So we’re making very material investments on ensuring that partners can build that deeper level of competency and successfully deliver a solution for the customer.”

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Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Significant improvements are coming to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program that all partners need to know.

The revamped program, which officially takes effect in July, will introduction of product specific specialized tracks including for Google Cloud Platform (GSP), Google Workspace, and Chrome Enterprise.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based cloud computing giant is also revolutionizing how incentives will be paid to partners, including around specific products, implementations and accelerating customer consumption.

“We see that in all of the different parts of the engagement lifecycle, there is incentives that we need to provide partners,” said Ichhpurani.

Overall, Google Cloud is aligning its incentives and certifications in 2023 to reward partners who achieve these new product-level requirements, build highly-skilled and certified teams, and reduce customers’ time-to-value with top-notch services delivery.

Here are 10 new programs, specializations, support offerings, and trainings Google Cloud is rolling out this year that every Google Cloud partner needs to know about.


Mark Haranas

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