Gradient MSP Launches StackTracker To Track Product Usage

‘We're reaching right into all of the vendor products and we're pulling actual usage of what every client is using from that MSP,’ says Colin Knox, Gradient MSP co-founder and CEO.


Gradient MSP has launched StackTracker, a SaaS product giving MSPs insights into product category coverage, vendor spend, resale revenue and profitability on both product and client levels.

“The number one challenge [for MSPs] is growth, notably new customer acquisition,” Colin Knox, Gradient MSP co-founder and CEO, told CRN. “What I would frame it as is just growth in general. It’s a facet of how their businesses are run, how disparate their data is and how messy their PSAs and accounting packages are. They don't have a picture of truth as to what's going on in their business and so they don't really know what their opportunities are.

“They don't have that visibility to understand which [tool] is performing the best for them, even financially, and what their total volume would be,” added Knox (pictured). “This can immediately quantify and tell MSPs the profit and revenue opportunity that exists within each customer and the revenue and profit opportunity that exists for each product.”

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StackTracker allows for product usage tracking and data updates as well as revenue, cost and profit analytics. Its integration catalogue combined with data grouping, sorting and filtering as well as AI- driven data analysis offers MSPs valuable business insights. StackTracker even integrates with more than 60 PSA (professional services automation), RMM (remote monitoring and management), backup and cybersecurity vendors.

“We're reaching right into all of the vendor products and we're pulling actual usage of what every client is using from that MSP,” Knox said. “They can see at the top level, ‘Here's my accumulative vendor spend, revenue and profit on backup altogether. But here's my cumulative volume of how much I'm doing with those backup vendors.’”

Chris Black, chief revenue officer of Toronto-based MSP Jolera Inc., said he cannot remember a time when he has been “this excited” about a business solution that solves his problems and allows him to force multiply and solve customer problems in tandem.

“I don’t want to sound dramatic, but StackTracker is going to be an absolute game changer for MSPs who value data and more specifically the actionable insights that can be derived from that data,” Black told CRN in an email. “We all know that running an MSP is complex and often chaotic, between customer, partners, distributors, cloud providers and our own teams we are continually drinking from the data firehose.

“With Gradient’s release they have given MSPs the cheat code to high-velocity, data-driven decision making by taking our own data and giving it to us in an incredibly easy to understand, simple to navigate, rich and timely format,” he added. “No more conjuring up reports that take weeks to come with data that is not only often unusable but is also stale upon delivery.”

StackTracker is only available to 100 MSPs to start with full availability coming later this year.