Pax8 Welcomes Five New Vendors To Its Cloud Marketplace

‘We’ve really focused on tools that MSPs need but also we’re looking at line of business horizontally,’ says Ryan Burton, vice president of marketplace vendor strategy for Pax8. ‘That is sales and marketing, finance, HR … things that go across customer segments.’

Five new vendors have hit Pax8’s marketplace just as the Denver-based distributor is revamping the way MSPs buy tools.

Earlier this month at its Beyond conference, Pax8 officially launched its next-generation marketplace where partners can better understand their customers and unlock new opportunities for growth, delivering enhanced insight driven by their own data.

Through a “buy now” button that most Pax8 vendor partners will have on their websites, end customers will be rerouted to Pax8’s marketplace and prompted to answer questions that will match them with an MSP if they don’t have one already.

With a modern new user experience that is purpose-built for MSPs, the marketplace can also help MSPs quickly identify and act on sales opportunities.

“We’ve really focused on tools that MSPs need, but also we’re looking at line of business horizontally,” Ryan Burton, vice president of marketplace vendor strategy for Pax8, told CRN. “That is sales and marketing, finance, HR … things that go across customer segments.”

Another focus is providing vendors with self-service capabilities so that they can be on-boarded in a more efficient manner.

“We're taking a different approach now where we’re thinking like a product-led company and building self-service capabilities,” he said. “You're not just going to see us go double the size from one year to the next, you’re going to see exponential growth, which will come later next year.”

Here are the five new vendors that joined Pax8’s cloud marketplace this month.


Auvik provides advanced network monitoring solutions, empowering MSPs to address their evolving IT requirements. Auvik’s cloud-based software enhances partner network monitoring, boasting user-friendliness and a deployment time of under 60 minutes. By mapping and navigating the network, monitoring performance, troubleshooting and analyzing network traffic, MSPs can provide customers with an expanded array of services.

“Pax8 shares Auvik’s commitment to helping MSPs deliver a frictionless IT experience to their customers, spanning purchase, product use and billing,” Alex Hoff, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Ontario, Canada-based Auvik, said in a statement. “With the addition of Auvik solutions to the Pax8 marketplace, we hope to make it easier for MSPs to integrate network monitoring and SaaS management into their service offerings.”


New York-based FlexPoint is a payment automation platform provider that delivers easier financial offerings and can provide working capital for MSPs and their end customers.

The platform creates financial tools for MSPs through two products. The first is a payment offering that allows MSPs to automate their whole billing cycle. The second is a working capital offering that provides short-term financing for MSPs and their customers.

“We’re very excited to join Pax8’s marketplace because in a world where we’re very much focused on independent vendors, we think Pax8 is leading the charge in providing an independent solution for MSPs,” Victor Lopez, FlexPoint co-founder and CEO, told CRN.


Dublin, Ireland-based software vendor Kalibr8 provides a comprehensive, multitenant cloud management platform that helps MSPs better understand and adjust cloud computing environments to ensure efficient operations, eliminate waste and enhance security and compliance in the cloud.

Through Kalibr8’s advanced analytics and actionable features, MSPs on the Pax8 marketplace can optimize cloud usage and spending patterns, identify underutilized resources and make necessary adjustments such as downscaling and decommissioning resources.

“Pax8 has changed forever how MSPs can discover, provision and deliver cloud services to their end customers with a marketplace that simplifies operations and dramatically improves margins,” Ben McGahon, founder and CEO of Kalibr8, said in a statement. “After working closely with the Pax8 crew, we are proud to make our cloud optimization automation software available to the tens of thousands of MSPs Pax8 serves, making it easier than ever for them to manage cloud resources and maximize margins with little effort required.”


Chicago-based MSPbots provides a platform built for MSPs by MSPs to address pain points in people management and ticket processing, offering more than 70 integrations and more than 5,000 prebuilt widgets, dashboards and datasets.

MSPbots uses process automation to reduce time spent on management tasks as bots automate alerts on items such as attendance and break-time management, reducing time spent on routine business management by 30 percent to 40 percent.

"MSPbots was created to address the major pain points I encountered while running my own MSP business,” Daniel Wang, CEO of MSPbots, said in a statement. "Human errors are inevitable and when employees deviate from processes, it can harm the business. Repeated mistakes drain time, emotions and energy from MSP owners and management teams. I was frustrated by spending most of my time searching for issues, reminding employees and training them to reduce errors. Over the last five years, MSPbots has delivered a five- to 10-times ROI and helped many MSPs solve people and process issues with prebuilt, ready-to-use dashboards and automation. Our partnership with Pax8 is an important step in our journey to help MSPs worldwide automate their businesses.”


Clayton, Del.-based SuperOps is the first PSA/RMM tool to join Pax8’s marketplace. With SuperOps, Pax8 partners can leverage a unified offering to streamline workflows and scale operations from service delivery to documentation and project management.

“We came into this space looking to disrupt the space and to change the status quo,” Juan Fernandez, SuperOps channel chief, told CRN. “Their approach to the market and how they’re going to market is very similar to the way we are. A lot of other distribution points were not looking for a similar type of relationship. Pax8 was looking for something different.”

SuperOps’ mission is to help partners become more efficient, effective, process-driven and profitable. To that end, SuperOps is offering Project Vision X, which teaches MSPs the mechanics of managed services.

“Vision X gives them the opportunity to visualize customer profitability and process and automation and all the things they need to change inside their business,” Fernandez said. “This is why joining together [with Pax8] makes so much sense because everything they’re doing and everything we’re doing is aligned to our partners’ success.”