Here Are The Emerging Technologies That MSP 500 Execs See Offering The Biggest Opportunities In 2024

We asked top managed service provider executives to tell us which emerging technology areas they see as providing the biggest opportunity this year. (Surprise! Not everyone said AI. And those that did had some interesting ideas about how AI could boost their business.)

Emerging Opportunities

Managed Service Providers have to be at the top of their game to meet their customers’ most immediate IT needs. But they also need to anticipate what managed IT services the businesses and organizations they serve will need this year, next year and in years to come. Savvy MSPs always have their ear to the ground as they try to stay ahead of the technology demand curve.

As part of the CRN 2024 MSP 500 project, we asked MSP executives what emerging technology areas they see as providing the biggest opportunities this year.

If you guessed that artificial intelligence topped the list, you’d be right: A clear majority cited AI and generative AI as one of the biggest – if not the biggest – emerging technology opportunity going into 2024. “AI, nothing else is bigger,” said Dave Siegel, CTO at All Lines Technology, a Warrendale, Pa.-based MSP, in the MSP 500 application.

Some MSPs pointed to AI for a broad range of applications for their clients while others said they expected to use it themselves to boost automation and improve service delivery. But a few also noted that the AI wave is in an early stage, and they were wary of locking themselves into an AI direction that could be a dead end.

Beyond AI, MSP executives pointed to a long list of new technology they see generating opportunities this year including cybersecurity and managed security of all types, process automation, data analytics, 5G wireless, cloud and digital transformation, and more.

All responses to the emerging technology opportunity question can be found as part of the MSP 500 profiles. The following is a sampling of responses from 20 MSP executives.

Aqueduct Technologies

Manak Ahluwalia, President and CEO

Canton, Mass.

AI/ML, cloud-based security, vulnerability management, managed detection and response, application performance and security, and user protection.


John Zettel, CEO

Tampa, Fla.

Harnessing big data and analytics to help customers understand how their environments are being used by their employees and how technology performance is impacting employee experience.

Blue Mantis

Josh Dinneen, CEO

Portsmouth, N.H.

We see four emerging areas: cybersecurity, cloud, AI and GitOps. Blue Mantis is driving "productization" around these four areas across the company's seven practices (managed services, cybersecurity and risk management, cloud, carrier services, modern workspace, networking and data center modernization). This is creating repeatable processes and a product that is more consumable by our customers. By productizing we can do a much better job of delivering our offerings to market with the speed that increases our velocity in the market.

Convergence Networks

Chris Remy, CEO

Portland, Ore.

As AI technologies grow, hackers will exploit them to their advantage. This will increase the demand for cybersecurity services, such as advanced cloud security monitoring and alerting, SOC and compliance requirements, and network penetration testing.

Exbabylon (A New Charter Technologies company)

Alex Stanton, CEO

Newport, Wash.

While AI is sure to bring new opportunities in the coming year, it is still a product that has not reached any form of maturity. As such, many of the purported use cases can still be better satisfied by traditional tools. The largest opportunities for emerging technologies probably come from the Microsoft Power Platform. The improvements and robustness added have enabled the platform to truly help revolutionize an organization though custom development and security of these products.

High Wire Networks

Mark Porter, CEO

North Aurora, Ill.

Enterprise secure web browser.

Hodgson Consulting & Solutions

Karla Zehnder, CEO

Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Edge computing, which brings computing power and data processing closer to the source, enabling real-time analysis and decision-making.


Shawn Torres, CEO

Slidell, La.

We'll see more discoveries of how AI can optimize business operations. We've seen brief adoption of platforms like ChatGPT for the hype, but we believe providers will find better uses for AI in operations and processes. At this point, we've all heard about AI and what its impact could be in various industries. AI is a new idea for many businesses; we've yet to hear the why and how. There are so many tools currently available to try out, and we'll begin to see companies or vendors identify the challenges they're facing and better identify the tools to solve them. Once the hype of these new tools has slowed, we'll see businesses focusing on how AI can help them grow.

Integrated IT Solutions

Eva Cherry, President

Milford, Mass.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML can help MSPs automate routine tasks, improve service delivery, and provide predictive analytics for proactive problem-solving.

Data Analytics: Businesses are increasingly looking to leverage data for decision-making, creating opportunities for MSPs to offer data management and analytics services.

5G Technology: The rollout of 5G will increase the speed and capacity of wireless services, creating opportunities in areas like IoT and edge computing.

Automation: As businesses seek to improve efficiency, there is growing demand for automation tools and services. MSPs can provide value by implementing and managing these technologies.


Bryon Beilman, Co-Founder and CEO


The integration of cloud technology and AI, backed by stringent security, presents a huge opportunity. The cloud offers a scalable base for AI, enabling businesses to utilize large data sets and substantial computing power. Prioritizing strong security within this mix is crucial to protect sensitive data and maintain system trust. This combination promises to propel advancements in various sectors, enhancing real-time data analytics, machine learning, and personalized AI services, all while ensuring data security. As companies advance in their digital transformation, these secure, cloud-based AI solutions are poised to transform industries.

Judge Consulting Group

John Battaglia, President and CTO

Wayne, Pa.

AI really took the world by storm in 2023. And, while it wowed us with its potential, there weren't a lot of solutions available yet for people to leverage. Heading into 2024, however, we're starting to see some solutions such as Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot that can really put this technology at people's fingertips and are better positioned to have an impact on business.

Lydonia Technologies

Kevin Scannell, Founder and CEO

Westwood, Mass.

Hyperautomation - the true intersection of AI, RPA, and data analytics.


Shaun Ritchie, CEO

San Francisco

Services supporting generative AI (data readiness, data security, analytics and builder productivity); SaaS (migration, modernization); IT/cloud infrastructure modernization (containerization, Kubernetes, serverless); and cloud operations (FinOps, observability/monitoring).

Orchestrate Technologies

Vincent Williams, Co-Founder

Cincinnati, Ohio

There are several emerging technology areas posed for significant opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML continue to advance, with applications in various industries, such as healthcare, finance, and cybersecurity. The ability of AI to analyze large datasets and make predictions is opening up new possibilities for automation and decision-making.

5G Technology: The rollout of 5G networks offers faster and more reliable connectivity. This technology is a catalyst for innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), impacting industries like telecommunications, healthcare, and smart cities.

Park Place Technologies

Chris Adams, President and CEO

Cleveland, Ohio

Immersion cooling and sustainability technologies.

Red Level Group

David King, President and CEO

Novi, Mich.

Going into 2024, AI is the biggest opportunity in emerging technology for managed services. AI's integration into managed services offers transformative potential, enabling more efficient service delivery, predictive maintenance, and enhanced customer support through intelligent automation and data analysis. This technology streamlines operations and provides deeper insights, allowing for proactive problem-solving and tailored IT solutions. AI's capabilities in automating routine tasks and analyzing large datasets can significantly elevate the value and effectiveness of managed services, positioning providers at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction.


Chad Jenkins, CEO

Charlotte, N.C.

Going into 2024, the biggest opportunities lie in AI and machine learning, particularly in enhancing automation and predictive analytics. The growth of 5G technology is also pivotal, offering faster connectivity and enabling advancements in IoT and smart technologies.

Additionally, the expansion of blockchain for secure transactions and data integrity, and the continued evolution of cybersecurity technologies to counter sophisticated threats, are key areas with significant potential.\

These technologies collectively promise to revolutionize various sectors, from healthcare to finance, by driving efficiency, innovation, and security.


Louis Alterman, President and CEO

Peachtree Corners, Ga.

5G's widespread adoption by 2024 promises faster speeds, lower latency, and improved connectivity, facilitating innovative applications.

AI's integration into mobile devices is on the rise, enhancing user experience with features like voice assistants and predictive analytics.

Foldable and flexible display technologies, bringing new form factors for smartphones and potentially changing how users interact with their devices.

As more IoT devices enter the market, mobile devices are acting as hubs, controlling and monitoring smart home devices, wearables and other connected gadgets.

Wearables are increasingly used in healthcare, hospitality, and field services for safety and productivity.

Tech Solutions

Rick Monnig, Co-Founder and President

Wilmington, Del.

An emerging trend we see as the biggest opportunity is using the rise of cyberinsurance policy questionnaires as a sales and revenue tool that helps our clients understand the importance of utilizing more of our services to improve their security posture. This way, we ensure they receive the best service available in terms of threat detection and response as well as everyday prevention strategies such as MFA [multi-factor authentication] and EDR. Certainly, improving our clients' overall security posture is poised as a huge opportunity in 2024.

Xperteks Computer Consultancy

Marcial Velez, CEO

New York

MSPs using compliance-driven AI in 2024 stand to gain significantly by offering automated, efficient, and personalized regulatory compliance solutions. This technology enables continuous monitoring and predictive analysis of compliance issues, reducing human error and operational costs. AI's ability to customize solutions based on specific business needs and regulations is highly attractive, especially in tightly regulated sectors. Scalable AI solutions can cater to various business sizes, enhancing MSPs' reputation and building client trust.