K3 Technology Acquires MSP OG2 Network Services: Exclusive

K3 Technology is rapidly evolving with the adoption of AI and is doing ‘almost everything’ differently than two years ago, Kelly Kercher, founder and CEO of K3, tells CRN.

K3 Technology has acquired Dallas-based MSP OG2 Network Services, creating more opportunities for it to expand in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Kelly Kercher, founder and CEO of Denver-based K3, which focuses on cloud, cybersecurity and AI, said the Dallas-Fort Worth area is “four to five times” bigger than Denver, where it is based, and OG2 was “a good company to connect with.”

“In the Dallas market, we didn’t have any clients,” Kercher told CRN in an exclusive interview. “We are in the Houston market, we’re up in Washington and then a few on the East Coast, but it does bring us new [clients] for Dallas.”

Five employees are coming over in the acquisition. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Since being founded in 2017, K3 has gained recognition for positively disrupting the way businesses in the architectural, engineering, construction and creative agency industries leverage technology.

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OG2 founder Andrew Mathews, who is retiring, said the company was never built to sell. But after being in a serious accident in 2020 and stepping back to focus on his health, “it kind of gave us a forced test run for me not being there,” he said.

“Over the last several years, I have been pretty open with the clients and the employees that I’m working my way out of the business,” he said. “My health and my family were more important to me than continuing to work. I love helping people. I love solving problems. I love doing all that stuff but being a small-business owner…it just got to be a little too much for me to run and do everything.”

And while he said OG2 had multiple suitors to potentially purchase the business, the deal with K3 “was as close to a perfect deal as anyone could get.”

“I pretty much wanted the impossible,” he said. “I wanted the employees taken care of, I wanted the clients taken care of and I wanted to be happy. I want K3 happy, and I think this is as close as you could possibly get on one of these deals.”

Kercher said K3 is rapidly evolving with the adoption of AI and is doing “almost everything” differently than two years ago.

To help with that, he brought on Ian Romero as COO to help guide the company and adopt next-generation tools to help transform customers’ business.

“When I go sit down with a client, it’s important to understand what their business is, what are their goals, what are their objectives and then [look at] the right technology solution,” Romero said. “We have a full-service DevOps and business intelligence team so we’re able to bring them into the right opportunities. It’s really about understanding how technology can help and helping them achieve their goals quicker and more efficiently as opposed to just trying to sell them whenever we can.”