Kaseya Launches Kaseya 365: ‘It’s Been Over $14 Billion Of Investment To Deliver This Platform’

‘This has been 10 long years of my life and many people’s lives in developing this platform,’ says Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. ‘It’s been over $14 billion of investment to deliver this platform.’

Kaseya announced Kaseya 365, a product that allows MSPs to manage, secure, back up and automate all their clients’ environments through one subscription and one license.

“This has been 10 long years of my life and many people’s lives in developing this platform,” Fred Voccola, CEO of Miami-based software vendor Kaseya, said at Kaseya’s Connect Global conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday. “It’s been over $14 billion of investment to deliver this platform.”

In a recording of Voccola’s keynote, obtained by CRN, he said Kaseya 365 is one subscription and one license that provides everything an MSP needs to manage, secure and backup their customer’s environments.

“In this one subscription, in this one license, you get all of the functionality of RMM (remote monitoring and management), you get all of the essential things to secure your customer’s environment,” he said. “[It has] antivirus capabilities, third-party patching capabilities, ransomware detection, endpoint detection and response, MDR (managed detection and response) and managed SOC (security operations center)…and endpoint backup for every single endpoint in your client’s environment. All of this in one subscription, one integrated license.”

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The all-in-one solution also includes 20 automations to enhance workflow efficiency and reduce errors. All of Kaseya automations are pre-built and included in Kaseya 365. An express version of Kaseya 365 is also available but without MDR, Voccola said.

He added that the new 365 platform gives MSPs the “most competitive differentiator” there is.

“And we make it even easier,” he said. “With a seamless upgrade program for existing customers 100 percent of any estate that you have, any modules that you have or functionality, is a part of K 365 and you apply that 100 percent to your K 365 upgrade. You maintain all of your current license accounts in this upgrade and you maintain all of your functionality while gaining the complete functionality of Kaseya 365.

“On average, an MSP powered by Kaseya 365 can expect to increase the profit per endpoint upwards of $10 without adding a single customer or making a single sales call,” he added. “No longer do you have to make decisions around, ‘Do I want to put MDR on the client who won’t pay for advanced security?’ They need it…but they’re too cheap and don’t want to pay for it. You’re protected and able to change the complete financial profile of your business and ensure that your technical service delivery is there.”

Peter Melby, CEO of Denver-based New Charter Technologies, said he’s thankful to see Kaseya respond to MSP feedback and the needs of customers.

“We are curious to see how this will play in the real world, where value is more than just pricing,” he told CRN. “A new pricing structure by itself won’t transform an industry [but] our vendors continuing to listen and understand our needs will transform the industry. This is a positive sign.”

At the end of his keynote, Voccola said Kaseya has spent billions of dollars trying to make things better, “While we made millions of mistakes, we tried to make hundreds of millions of things better.

He said Kaseya 365 “fundamentally changes the unit economics of the entire MSP industry overnight” and believes the new subscription platform will create the second golden age for MSPs.

“But what you’re seeing now is just the beginning,” he said. “The next 10 years are going to make the last 10 years look slow, look nonproductive and non-value-add.”