Melillo Consulting Is Driving Big Sales Gains With MelilloSmart Solutions

‘No longer is a solution provider going to survive unless they have those business outcome skill sets,’ says Melillo Consulting CEO Scott Dunsire. 'The technical talent that we have on our team allows us to deliver those business outcome solutions though MelilloSmart services to our customers.’

When Melillo Consulting was called upon by specialty retailer to help reduce theft, the solution provider brought to bear one of its MelilloSmart-branded solutions- MelilloSmart RiskMit - that from the get-go cut pilfered goods by 80 percent.

That kind of substantial return on investment for the suite of MelilloSmart-branded services is driving astronomical services sales growth for the 36-year-old solution provider that has been known from its founding for hiring the best and brightest technical talent.

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Now, Melillo is translating that elite engineering advantage into a suite of eight MelilloSmart turnkey services that is winning over customers at a rapid clip.

Among the biggest sales growth drivers are MelilloSmart AIAdapt – an AI solutions service- and MelilloSmart Protect- a cybersecurity threat prevention service.

The business outcome-focused MelilloSmart offerings are expected to drive an astronomical 300 percent increase in the company’s services revenue over the next 18 months, said Melillo Consulting CEO Scott Dunsire (pictured).

“The value add of a partner today is all around the skills and capabilities of delivering business outcomes that meets customer needs,” said Dunsire, who took the helm 19 months ago to drive the services transformation and expand the Melillo Consulting geographic footprint. “No longer is a solution provider going to survive unless they have those business outcome skill sets. The technical talent that we have on our team allows us to deliver those business outcome solutions though MelilloSmart services to our customers.”

Besides MelilloSmart RiskMit and MelilloSmartProtect the other MelilloSmart offerings are AIAdapt, an AI consulting and solution service; EZMigrate, a data migration service; RapidDeploy, an applications testing service with a virtual sandbox; SupportTrax, a contract renewals service; ComplySoft, a regulatory compliance service; and DataOpt, a data warehouse and data lake service.

The business outcome services are drawing increased attention from strategic OEMs interested in driving a deeper go to market model with Melillo, said Dunsire.

“Vendors want to partner with solution providers that have the skills and capabilities to deliver these business outcome solutions whether it be AI or cloud migrations,” he said. “It is one thing to be certified from a vendor perspective, but this is a unique Melillo go to market model from sales down through deployment and delivery.”

Melillo Consulting Chief Revenue Officer Joe Staiber said the business outcome focus emphasis is a natural extension of the company’s 36-year track record of proven technology solutions.

“Over 36 years, we have become the best in a handful of areas highlighted by these MelilloSmart solutions,” he said. “The SMART acronym stood out because when we sit down with a customer and explain to them why we are different it comes down to our smart people. Melillo is its people and we have an awful lot of smart people. Our smart people have provided these business outcomes hundreds and hundreds of times. We have been there and done that!”

MelilloSmart establishes how the company’s highly valued technical talent is going to bring customers into new areas like AI, said Staiber.

In fact, Staiber said AIAdapt is one of the most popular MelilloSmart offerings. “AI is in every single conversation we have today,” he said. “But the things underneath AIAdapt while they are AI Aware they are not revolutionary. Rolling out an AI project is still no different than rolling out a brand new infrastructure project. What is different is the business outcome. AIAdapt takes our 36 years of experience and helps customers on the beginnings of their AI journey. Most customers don’t know where to start. We show them where to start.”

Staiber sees the MelilloSmart offerings as a watershed moment for the company. “This is the most exciting go to market I have participated in Melillo in my ten years here,” he said.”Services are the stickiest thing you can possibly have in technology sales. MelilloSmart is going to make us stickier in risk mitigation, security, AI development and all these other areas. This is going to make us more relevant to our customers and our vendor partners.”

Michael Armbrust, vice president of sales for Melillo, said the company’s MelilloSmart Protect- a cybersecurity threat prevention service- is winning over customers at a rapid clip.

“The (sales) funnel for that is insane,” he said. “We are adding three or four opportunities a week for this service. We are having that security conversation with every customer. Whether we are talking servers, infrastructure or AI, security is the biggest piece of it. This MelilloSmart offering helps to ensure our customers have vulnerability scans on demand to make sure there are no exposed holes in their environment.”

The MelilloSmart offerings charge comes in the midst of an aggressive geographic expansion from Melillo beyond its Mid-Atlantic New Jersey roots internationally into the United Kingdom. What’s more, Dunsire has expanded the company’s US footprint into Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania. That geographic expansion has included increasing the size of the Melillo sales force by 40 percent.

As part of the MelilloSmart business outcome focus, Melillo in April brought on board Kevin Higgins, a 26-year technology consulting and sales veteran, as its new vice president and general manager of professional services and solutions.

“The real key is to have a business leader like Kevin who has a skill set around the solutions and services for the MelilloSmart go to market,” said Dunsire. “Kevin understands the ROI on those business outcomes. We’re seeing some very nice wins in some of these newer geographies. We are going to continue to invest with MelilloSmart.”

Ultimately, the MelilloSmart brand is a testament to Melillo’s ability to architect proven business outcome solutions for customers, said Dunsire. “Our history is having the technical acumen to take complex IT challenges simplify them and delivered a desired business outcome for the customer,” he said. “This takes that to another level.”