Top Calian IT And Cyber Solutions US Execs Faisal Bhutto, Worth Davis Leave To Explore New Opportunities

The dynamic duo that took a Houston independent solution provider from a local superstar to a global managed services provider, are leaving Calian IT and Cyber Solutions to explore new opportunities.

Faisal Bhutto and Worth Davis, the dynamic duo that took a Houston independent solution provider from a local superstar to a super regional and finally a global solution and managed services provider, are leaving Calian IT and Cyber Solutions to explore new opportunities.

Bhutto (pictured above right), the senior vice president of managed services, cloud and cybersecurity who built out a robust managed services and managed security service provider business, and Davis (pictured above left), the senior vice president who directed technology, sales and the solution provider business, are moving on two years after Calian Group acquired Houston solution provider Computex as part of expansion into the U.S. market.

Davis and Bhutto, two 25-year-plus IT veterans, have teamed together for 12 years, staying one-step ahead of the fast moving IT landscape, pivoting Computex from a reseller to a strategic service provider with a full suite of managed detection and response services. Together the two executives helped integrate a number of acquisitions, expanded services capabilities and brought those services to their global customer base.

“After a successful transition of the business and with a talented team in place the time is right for Worth and I to look at new opportunities,” said Bhutto, a tech entrepreneur who a decade ago sold the successful Cisco solution provider business he cofounded, ENETsolutions to Computex and then led the company’s managed services transformation. “We couldn’t be happier about the success we had together integrating the business and expanding the cybersecurity solutions business we built globally. Now it’s time to turn it over to the incredible team we built. That is the legacy we leave behind for both employees and customers!”

Bhutto said he and Davis are looking forward to putting their entrepreneurial and technical skills to good use with the AI boom taking hold, once again reshaping the channel landscape.

“What we are most proud of is staying ahead of the megatrends with the right mix of services and technology solutions,’ said Bhutto. “Whether it was launching managed services before they were popular in the channel or bringing one of the first advance security operation centers (SOCs) to the US, or taking the business global, we were ahead of the market trends. We knew how to change, adapt and constantly disrupt ourselves to be successful.”

Helping Customers Drive Competitive Advantages

Together, Bhutto and Davis helped customers drive competitive advantages with cutting edge technology solutions. Key to bringing those solutions to market, said Davis, was picking the right new solutions opportunities emerging in the market and selecting the right OEMs to partner with over the last decade.

“Our OEM partners and our services portfolio changed drastically over the last 12 years,” said Davis, a highly regarded CIO who came to Computex after overseeing US and Global IT operations for business energy supplier ENGIE. "What kept us at the top of the pyramid was continually investing in disruptive new technology solutions with the right service platforms that customers wanted to consume. Our goal was always to be first in the market. That is what made us so successful!”

Another big factor in the duo’s success was attracting top talent and establishing an employee and customer first culture, said Bhutto. “A lot of our competitors struggled to find talent, but with the culture and commitment we made to both employees and customers we were able to attract the best and brightest employees,” he said. “We are both really proud of that track record.”

Bhutto and Davis said they are both grateful to Calian for maintaining the Computex customer and employee first culture. “It’s been a great experience driving the business forward with Calian,” said Bhutto. “We are very proud of the team and the business we leave behind. We wish Calian and the whole team their continued success.”

While Bhutto leveraged his channel expertise to build out higher margin and predictable managed services business, Davis focused on bringing his no nonsense experience with global 2000 CIOs and CTOs to attract a wealth of new enterprise customers to the company with groundbreaking new technology solutions. “We built out a solutions portfolio that was very attractive to global 2000 customers,” said Davis. “We added a massive international practice around our technology solutions portfolio and built a global data center practice for public, private and hybrid cloud.” We created over a dozen go to market strategies for our teams to succeed with while driving over 650 percent sales improvement.

An Unbeatable Combination

Bhutto said his channel experience combined with Davis’ Global 2000 customer experience made the duo an unbeatable combination. “Worth was the CIO and the CTO,” he said. “I grew up in the channel solving complex customer problems powered by OEM partners for decades. Together it was a really powerful combination. It has been fantastic working with Worth. Together, we have dealt with bigger challenges as we disrupted and evolved while we took this from a local partner to a super-regional to a global provider. We took every challenge head on by applying the same principles we had from the beginning, which was to make sure the customer was at the core of everything we did. Our core values of delighting customers and developing a culture where the employees were the biggest asset never changed. The fundamental beliefs we had never changed and that allowed the company to continue to be successful. A lot of people say it, but we lived it every single day whether it was a small accounting firm in Houston or a global customer headquartered in London.”

Davis said he could not be more grateful for the opportunity to work side by side with Bhutto. “It has been a great journey teaming with Faisal to drive growth, new technologies and staying relevant,” he said. “The simple fact of the matter is Faisal and I were better together.”

As for the future technology landscape, Davis said every company needs a plan to attack the AI marketplace. “The first order of business for any end customer or OEM that doesn’t have an AI initiative is to make it a board of directors level discussion,” he said. “As a customer you need to define what AI is going to mean to your business whether it is assistance in decision making or using it to improve security operations. Companies need to ensure they are investing in AI as a competitive advantage. You don’t want to be a late adopter with AI!”

Bhutto, for his part, said he sees the role of the services provider becoming even more essential in the AI era. “The channel is now providing business outcomes that are driving big productivity gains for companies,” he said. "AI is the biggest technology game changer since the internet. It’s going to drive massive productivity gains. The channel community is going to leverage AI to deliver productivity multiples that customers have not experienced since the invention of the internet. This is the next massive productivity catalyst. The partners that adopt that and use it to drive customer benefits are going to be the big winners.”

Bhutto and Davis said they are looking forward to looking at new opportunities in the fast-changing technology solutions landscape.

“We are tech entrepreneurs,” said Bhutto. “We know how to build, integrate and scale businesses, With AI and the need for robust cybersecurity solutions, we couldn’t be more excited about the road ahead. We have had a lot of success in this business, and we are looking forward to the next chapter. Whatever path we decide to take from here is going to be bigger and better given our experience over the last 25 years. We are looking forward to continuing to be part of the channel ecosystem of technology vendors, OEMs and the investment community.

Bhutto said he and Davis see themselves as market makers for a new era of next generation technology solutions and services. “We put it all on the line to bring next generation solutions to customers,” he said. “We are all about driving new technology solutions into the market. At the end of the day that is what we are going to do. That is who we are. We are builders. We are detailed operators. We are all about making the world a better place with disruptive technology solutions. We are a power team and if the right opportunities come along we could still work together. But no matter what happens we’re always going to look back and celebrate our time together.”

Davis, for his part said the “sky is the limit” as he and Bhutto look forward to their next adventure. “We are both looking forward to taking an active role in helping to bring customers the next generation of AI, cybersecurity and cloud solutions!, "he said.