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Accenture CIO On Global Collaboration, Metaverse And How Vendors Should ‘Open Their Kimono’

CJ Fairfield

‘We at Accenture one thousand percent believe that it is going to fundamentally change how people interact with their companies, how companies interact with their customers and how companies interact with the world,’ Accenture’s Penelope Prett, chief information and data and analytics officer, says about the metaverse.

Accenture’s Penelope Prett believes it’s a fun and exciting time to be the company’s chief information and data and analytics officer.

From harnessing the power of data, people and collaboration and putting forth that force into the business world, the tailwind the Dublin, Ireland-based company is seeing is unstoppable.

“There’s a much more entrepreneurial feel to how we embrace new technology and evolving technology in today’s business world to solve business problems,” Prett told CRN. “The combination of those two things, better technology because we have a better stack to run it on and a much more open-minded approach to that technology, is leading all of us to places where we can we stop asking ourselves, ‘What can I get done right now?’

“We start talking about what’s the art of the complete possible in this space, and it’s revolutionary against how our business thinks,” she added. “It’s allowing us to transform, fundamentally, the way we do business. It’s a great time to be a CIO, I’ve got to say.”

Accenture is standing at the edge of opportunity, from how businesses operate post pandemic, to the metaverse, to harnessing the power of AI to better serve operational outcomes, and Prett seems to be in the middle of it all.

Over her more than 25-year career with Accenture, she has held multiple leadership roles and has gained significant experience with platform and industry ecosystem partners.

“How do we bring tech to bear for this hybrid space to make it so people can work where they want to work, and engage in ways they like to engage, and the productivity outcome is completely the same no matter what form you’re using,” she said. “That’s a big challenge, but for somebody like me that’s a fun challenge.”

Along with her technical roles, Prett plays a huge part in Accenture’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts working on a range of programs including LGBTQ initiatives, women in the workforce and the integration of veterans and other non-traditional talent.
Check out CRN’s interview with Prett on a host of topics including opportunities surrounding harnessing data, work in a post-pandemic world and bringing in non-traditional talent to bring Accenture to the next level.

CJ Fairfield

CJ Fairfield is an associate editor at CRN covering solution providers, MSPs and distributors. Prior to joining CRN, she worked at daily newspapers, including The Press of Atlantic City in New Jersey and The Frederick News-Post in Maryland. She can be reached at

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