CRN Solution Provider 500: 35 Newcomers In 2023

Among the companies named to the 2023 Solution Provider 500, 35 are joining the list for the first time. Here’s a look at who’s new.

Joining The Class

As the IT industry grows and evolves so does the channel, the solution providers and strategic service providers who strive to meet the ever-changing IT needs of their customers.

While established channel companies are often adept at working with new information technologies, rapid IT evolution (AI anyone?) also creates opportunities for young solution providers with new products, new practices and new approaches – signs of a healthy channel ecosystem.

This year’s CRN Solution Provider 500, the annual ranking of the largest solution providers with operations in North America, includes 35 newcomers to the list. That’s down a bit from 41 newcomers in 2022 and more than the 21 newcomers in 2021.

Newcomers on this year’s list include EOS IT Solutions (No. 75), Procurri (No. 132), Integris (No. 216), NuHarbor Security (No. 318) and CloudCover (No. 467),

US Cloud

2023 Rank: 498

Top Executive: Bridgid LaMear, CEO

Location: St. Louis

Nordicom Technologies

2023 Rank: 494

Top Executive: Miles Olson, CEO

Location: Novi, Mich.


2023 Rank: 492

Top Executive: Joseph DeStefano, CEO

Location: Norwood, Mass.

Imperium Data

2023 Rank: 488

Top Executive: Nicholas Scarsella, COO and Co-Founder

Location: Tampa

Success Computer Consulting

2023 Rank: 482

Top Executive: Bruce Lach, President

Location: Golden Valley, Minn.


2023 Rank: 480

Top Executive: Jim Broome, President and Chief Technology Officer

Location: Englewood, Colo.

Weaver Technologies

2023 Rank: 478

Top Executive: Donald Weaver, CEO

Location: Fredericksburg, Texas

VistaVu Solutions

2023 Rank: 476

Top Executive: Jory Lamb, CEO

Location: Calgary, Alberta



2023 Rank: 475

Top Executive: Sabur Mian, CEO

Location: Pleasanton, Calif.

Intelligent Technical Solutions

2023 Rank: 468

Top Executive: Tom Andrulis, CEO

Location: Las Vegas


2023 Rank: 467

Top Executive: Jeff Huggins, President and CEO

Location: Irvine, Calif.


2023 Rank: 464

Top Executive: Chris Pickett, President and CEO

Location: Saratoga Springs, N.Y.


2023 Rank: 448

Top Executive: Michael Campbell, CEO

Location: Norcross, Ga.

Forward Edge

2023 Rank: 440

Top Executive: John Waltz, CEO

Location: Sharonville, Ohio


2023 Rank: 428

Top Executive: Sumeet Sabharwal, CEO

Location: Minnetonka, Minn.


2023 Rank: 417

Top Executive: Mike Chaput, CEO

Location: Napa, Calif.

Flexware Innovation

2023 Rank: 413

Top Executive: Scott Whitlock, President and CEO

Location: Fishers, Ind.


2023 Rank: 380

Top Executive: JP La Torre, CEO

Location: Irvine, Calif.


2023 Rank: 350

Top Executive: Bala Ramaiah, CEO

Location: Westlake Village, Calif.

Medicus IT

2023 Rank: 344

Top Executive: Christopher Jann, CEO

Location: Alpharetta, Ga.

NuHarbor Security

2023 Rank: 318

Top Executive: Justin Fimlaid, CEO

Location: Colchester, Vt.


2023 Rank: 310

Top Executive: Stewart Lande, SVP

Location: New York

Phelps United

2023 Rank: 292

Top Executive: Larry Weng, CEO

Location: Anaheim, Calif.

Jade Global

2023 Rank: 251

Top Executive: Karan Yaramada, President and CEO

Location: San Jose, Calif.

Summit 7 Systems

2023 Rank: 239

Top Executive: Scott Edwards, CEO

Location: Huntsville, Ala.


2023 Rank: 235

Top Executive: Matthew McCarthy, Chief Client Officer

Location: East Northport, N.Y.


2023 Rank: 216

Top Executive: Rashaad Bajwa, CEO

Location: Cranbury, N.J.


2023 Rank: 209

Top Executive: Kerry Bailey, CEO

Location: Waterloo, Ont.

Fairwinds Technologies

2023 Rank: 174

Top Executive: Jim Sprungle, CEO

Location: Annapolis, Md.


2023 Rank: 139

Top Executive: Jaspreet Kondal, SVP, Business Operations and Technology Solutions

Location: Jacksonville, Fla.


2023 Rank: 132

Top Executive: Zack Sexton, President

Location: Norcross, Ga.


2023 Rank: 121

Top Executive: Ryan Morris, President

Location: Annapolis, Md.

NCC Group

2023 Rank: 91

Top Executive: Mike Maddison, CEO

Location: San Francisco


2023 Rank: 85

Top Executive: Robert Herjavec, CEO

Location: Toronto

EOS IT Solutions

2023 Rank: 75

Top Executive: Brendan Strain, COO

Location: Austin, Texas