Here Are 16 Additional Vendors Coming To Pax8’s Marketplace This Year

About 85 vendors are on Pax8’s marketplace today. About 100 will be on the marketplace by the end of the year.

The demand to join Pax8’s marketplace is rapidly increasing. In fact, there’s about 400 vendors on a wait list to join the marketplace. Five new vendors reach out per day, according to Ryan Burton, vice president of product strategy for Pax8.

“We’ve really been focused on the IT stack from security, infrastructure continuity, current communications and network,” Burton told CRN. “And that’s going to expand into new areas.”

He said there’s both a “huge demand” to service MSPs, as they have a need for a lot of vendors, and vendors looking to come into Pax8’s ecosystem wanting to get on the marketplace.

“Partners are asking for more,” he said. “We’re going through and closing holes in our portfolio based on frameworks.”

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There’s also a heavy focus on bringing in more security vendors. In June, Denver-based cloud distributor Pax8 partnered with Austin, Texas-based CrowdStrike to further its footprint in the MSP market and help enhance protection and mitigation when it comes cyber risks.

“The MSP market is really the next foray of where we want to take growth,” Daniel Bernard, chief business officer at CrowdStrike, told CRN at the time. “This is the next foray. What Pax8 has done in terms of creating this disruptive cloud marketplace makes it easy to buy, easy to scale and easy to bill. It’s the whole life-cycle management of how an MSP consumes technology. We chose Pax8 not only because of their scale and reach from a global perspective, but also the experience that partners have.”

One vendor new to the martketplace this week is Rewst, a purpose-built robotic process automation (RPA) platform that combines seamless integration with Pax8’s pre-built integrations, ready-to-use workflows and training and support.

“Pax8 is laser focused on MSPs which is a great choice for us because all we work with are MSPs,” Will Descent, VP of sales for Rewst, told CRN. “We integrate with a lot of tools and all we focus on is automation and that’s a big thing that MSPs have needed for a long time. With Rewst, we have a platform that makes it a lot easier for them to scale up automation, spin up automation, scale better, have better customer experience and have a better profit margin.”

Today, about 85 vendors are on the marketplace. About 100 will be on the marketplace by the end of the year. All 16 additional vendors will be coming to Pax8’s marketplace by the end of 2023.

“Some of the different kinds of vendors that we’re bringing on is the first step of us looking to bring in a lot more application vendors,” Nikki Meyer, corporate vice president of global vendor alliances for Pax8, told CRN. “We’ve been focusing on so much around infrastructure and we’re not pivoting away from that, but we want to do is include some application vendors so that when you think about going to sell a solution to a customer, it’s beginning to end.”

Here are 16 more vendors coming to Pax8’s marketplace this year.


Atlanta-based Apptega combines simple user experiences and patent-pending technology, providing a platform paired with industry frameworks used to build, manage and report great cybersecurity.

“We’re seeing such huge demand from MSPs for our products to scale and grow as the brand leader in delivering compliance cybersecurity platforms,” Armistead Whitney, Apptega CEO, told CRN. “We’re going to grow so much faster with Pax8 because they also provide the training, the support, the sales, go to market and all the academies. I was able to engage with the top leadership about our vision for what the product would look like and they were very, very supportive from day one. We built a product that they said their partners would absolutely love.”


Ontario, Canada-based Auvik is a provider of cloud-based network management software that simplifies how IT teams work and live by providing cloud-based IT monitoring and management with simplicity and speed.

“One thing Auvik shares with Pax8 is a passion for helping MSPs deliver their services simply and efficiently,” Stacey Tozer, director of channel at Auvik, told CRN. “From the Pax8 Beyond event it’s clear they’ve built a strong community that Auvik is excited to be joining. We know the partnership with Pax8 will enable us to continue on our journey of helping MSPs transform how they serve their clients with both our network monitoring and SaaS management solutions.“

Blackpoint Cyber

“Pax8 solves one of the hardest challenges for all MSPs which is, ‘I brought 50 products and now we have to unify with billing and onboarding,’” Jon Murchison, Blackpoint Cyber CEO, told CRN.

“Everything they do is top notch and we felt it was a great time especially since for the first time we’re doing live response in Microsoft 365. Since they’re such a big Microsoft partner, we’re very aligned. We also integrate with a whole bunch of EDR, so CrowdStrike, SentinelOne and all the other products they sell. They have an easy button for onboarding and we have an easy button for security so we’re really an ecosystem play.”


Hatfield, Pa.-based Bviop helps IT and Managed Service Providers attack voice and unified communications worldwide.

“We are the first communications platform available for order, provisioning, and resale within the Pax8 marketplace,” George Bardissi, Bvoip CEO, told CRN. This partnership was several years in the making. We can’t explain how truly excited we are to be expanding our reach to thousands of IT and Managed Services Providers worldwide.”

Cloud Radial

Dallas-based Cloud Radial CloudRadial is a client portal and account management solution for MSPs and Microsoft CSPs.

“We’ve watched Pax8 over the last few years drive solutions, education, innovation, and results for their themselves and their clients,” Jeff Farris, Cloud Radial president and CEO, told CRN. “We are proud to a part of their efforts and excited about the ability to bring together multiple solutions from their catalog into a client-focused approach.”


Tampa, Florida-based CyberFox is a global cybersecurity solutions provider focused on privileged access management (PAM) and password management for MSPs.

“CyberFox is extremely pleased to be partnering with Pax8. It has been great watching them become a staple in the MSP community,” Adam Slutskin, co-owner of CyberFox, told CRN. “They simplify so many things for the MSP in how they can evaluate, purchase and add more licenses as needed by simplifying billing and invoicing. Plus, they have always had an amazing culture since day one. The value add for us, the MSP vendor, is we get to be exposed to their MSP community who purchase solutions from them as they are their trusted advisor.”


Rochester, New York-based Cyrisma is a cybersecurity platform that helps organizations manage risks through a data-centric offering.
“We are thrilled to partner with Pax8 as a cybersecurity vendor within their marketplace. Leveraging Pax8’s trusted reputation and our Cybersecurity SaaS solution that tackles tool fatigue through consolidation, this collaboration delivers significant advantages to their valued customers,” Liam Downward, Cyrisma CEO, told CRN. “It empowers MSPs and MSSPs worldwide to optimize business performance, drive growth, and stay ahead in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.”

Mailguard 365

Australia-based Mailguard 365 is exclusive to the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace and integrates with Microsoft 365 security for enhanced protection against advanced email threats like phishing and ransomware.

“We are excited to work with the team at Pax8 and its partner community to expand our business relationships, protecting businesses using Microsoft 365 against the rise in email borne cyber-attacks, especially from the dangers of highly targeted and sophisticated zero-day threats,” Craig McDonald, CEO and founder of MailGuard, told CRN. “Speed to detect and stop sophisticated email threats is the advantage of using MailGuard 365. It’s more than 48 hours faster to stop advanced email threats like phishing, ransomware and sophisticated BEC attacks, and integrated with Microsoft 365 to combine specialist cloud email security & IP from MailGuard, with the best of Microsoft.“

Austin, Texas-based ElectroNeek is a no-code Intelligent automation platform to save MSPs time, money and to serve customers more efficiently.

“We received further proof that our approach to empowering MSPs with means and tools to automate their tech stack is aligned with the market demand,” Sergey Yudovskiy, co-founder and CEO at ElectroNeek, told CRN. “Joining the family of Pax8-approved vendors and participating in the Pax8 Beyond event greatly increases our market reach and enables us to further empower MSP community around the world by pushing the boundaries of innovation with intelligent automation.”


Brooklyn, New York-based HacWare is security training platform that allows organizations to build custom security training solutions in minutes which reduces training labor costs by 40 percent.

“One of the things that we like about Pax8’s line card is that they build a whole new way of coming to the market,” Juan Fernandez, HacWare channel chief, told CRN. “Their marketplace methodologies are completely different than standard distribution. They disrupted it early on, and now they’ve continued to disrupt it by empowering the MSP where other distribution is looking for product sales. They’re empowering a modern partner, and that’s where their new marketplace products are really more synergetic to the what we want to do. From an education perspective, we’re about teaching the MSP what they need to know on how to go to market and it’s really important to help empower them, and Pax8 does that with us.”

PC Matic

Sioux City, Iowa-based PC Matic protects home devices against the latest threats like ransomware, viruses and identity theft.

“Our partnership with Pax8 underscores our commitment to drive our channel expansion through partners that directly invest and engage in the success of individual MSPs and the MSP community at large,” Corey Munson, vice president of sales for PC Matic, told CRN. “We are drawn to the fact that Pax8 recognizes the critical need for solutions that directly address rapidly growing cybersecurity compliance requirements and the importance of building security stacks based on a foundation of core critical controls like application allowlisting.”

Perception Point

Tel Aviv-based Perception Point is a prevention-as-a-service company that delivers next-generation detection, investigation and remediation of all threats across an organization’s main attack vectors.

“We’re happy to establish our partnership with PAX8 to bring added value to PAX8 and its partners,” Orit Shilvock, VP of channels and strategic alliances at Perception Point, told CRN.

“Enterprises of all sizes should be protecting themselves against the rising tide of cyber threats across email, web browsers and cloud collaboration apps, and now MSPs can quickly and easily deploy Perception Point’s state-of-the-art advanced prevention solution for enhanced security. Perception Point’s proprietary AI-powered, multilayered detection engines are accompanied by a 24/7 fully managed incident response service to prevent, detect and remediate incidents, providing MSPs a consolidated solution that delivers unprecedented protection against modern threats, with higher margins.”

Perimeter 81

New York-based Perimeter 81 is a robust converged networking and network security platform which connects all users, in the office or remote, to all resources, located on-prem or cloud.

“From Day 1, Perimeter 81 was built with service providers in mind. We understand the challenges channel partners face solving the remote access and internet security pains for themselves and their customers,” Amit Bareket, co-founder and CEO at Perimeter 81, told CRN.

“We wanted to develop an easy-to-use platform that is a great fit for service providers, leading with simple operability and quick time to value. The combined expertise of our cloud-based solution and Pax8’s cloud marketplace enables MSPs to become more efficient in delivering network security to customers who depend on them in a rapidly evolving market.”


Based in Tampa, Florida, Rewst offers deep application programming interface integrations with more than 40 products commonly used by MSPs, allowing them to automate repetitive, manual tasks that consume significant time and leave room for human error.

“Pax8 is laser focused on MSPs which is a great choice for us because all we work with are MSPs,” Will Descent, VP of sales for Rewst, told CRN. “We integrate with a lot of tools and all we focus on is automation and that’s a big thing that MSPs have needed for a long time. With Rewst, we have a platform that makes it a lot easier for them to scale up automation, spin up automation, scale better, have better customer experience and have a better profit margin.”


Dublin-based Solgari enables companies to build relationships with their customers and deliver the most optimal outcome in every interaction across voice, video, social media, chat platforms and more.

“Solgari for Microsoft Teams is the leading AI cloud contact center solution that is available inside Teams, meeting the global demand to extend Teams to customer service and sales requirements across the entire business,” Ernie Labara, Americas chief growth officer, told CRN. “Partnering with Pax8 provides an incredible opportunity to make the solution available to high-growth MSPs and all their Teams customers. The solution produces first-contact resolution and contextual customer experiences across all channels, while meeting industry-specific regulation.”

Trend Micro

Tokyo-based Trend Micro is a global cybersecurity leader with a platform that protects hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices and endpoints.

“MSPs are getting bigger and bigger, including MSSPs,” Louise McEvoy, VP of US channel for Trend Micro, told CRN. “We needed a new route to market and we knew with Pax8 we could get more of these MSPs on boarded as part of this new way of going to market. The channel is transitioning and we’re looking at different ways to accelerate and explore this acceleration motion as it relates to our MSP model for SMBs. Pax8 changes everything and their whole model is a really good fit for us.”