Liongard Launches Configuration Change Detection And Response Platform

‘Our partners are looking for ways to improve their profitability, mitigate their own cyber risk and ensure compliance for their customers. We have all of those elements,’ says Michelle Accardi, Liongard CEO.


Michelle Accardi

Liongard today launched its configuration change detection and response (CCDR) platform to help MSPs better manage, monitor and protect their customers’ environments further becoming the “premier” IT governance and risk mitigation software company.

“Our partners are looking for ways to improve their profitability, mitigate their own cyber risk and ensure compliance for their customers. We have all of those elements,” Michelle Accardi, CEO of Houston, TX-based Liongard, told CRN in an exclusive interview. “We’ve leaned into that and really enhanced our platform to change us into being the premier IT governance and risk mitigation platform for this configuration, change detection and response. It’s a cornerstone to be able to provide the kind of security and IT governance that these MSPs need to deliver and that they can monetize.”

She said the platform will enable MSPs to easily audit and assess IT environments to make sure policies, user privileges and assets all have the right levels of patching.

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“In the platform are things that are productivity-enhancing, things like being able to have documentation of their systems without having to manually do that documentation. It helps with reconciliation of billing and it protects them from a cyber risk perspective in terms of having defensibility that they’ve been doing the right things in the systems along the way,” she said.

The CCDR platform automates configuration data capture across cloud, network and on-premise systems which in turn offers continuous monitoring and reporting of IT assets and eliminates manual audits.

“The very definition of security is change management, as it is the only way to adhere to safeguards and frameworks. MSPs need to manage and stay on top of change, this is the state of insurability,” Matt Lee, senior director of security and compliance at Denver-based distributor Pax8, said in a statement.

He added that the platform allows MSPs to document the evidence they need to maintain compliance and demonstrate defensibility for when incidents happen.

“This is purpose-built for MSPs and MSSPs,” Accardi said. “It enables them to continually audit and assess across their IT stack to ensure IT governance and risk mitigation and to enable them to monetize a more fulsome cybersecurity solution to customers.”

Alton Fojtasek, senior network engineer at Houston-based MSP BEMA Information Technologies, said the CCDR solution gives his company critical insights of any changes within client networks and cloud services.

“It automates the documentation of changes and ensures we are alerted to any modifications that potentially lead to unintended consequences,” he told CRN. “By leveraging CCDR capabilities, we save countless hours that would otherwise be spent on manually tracking changes.”