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Michael Dell: Tech ‘Built For AI First’ Will Dominate Computing

O’Ryan Johnson

‘We should be thinking about and working right now on how we build our systems, first for machine intelligence, then for the other applications and uses out there,’ says Dell Technologies founder, chairman and CEO Michael Dell.

Dell Technologies Chairman and CEO Michael Dell said within a few years “machine intelligent systems” will be the primary consumer of the world’s IT computing power, adding that today the kind of performance those future systems need only exists in a lab.

“I would predict, in a few years, the majority of IT capacity is going to be in service of machine intelligent systems,” he said during a talk on Tuesday about Dell’s new line of PowerEdge servers. “That’s the only way you can make sense of the amount of data that is going to be created. What that means is that we should be thinking about and working right now on how we build our systems, first for machine intelligence, then for the other applications and uses out there.”

Dell said his company has such devices that can run 100-million IOPS, the input output of operations that measure a computer’s performance, but those devices are not yet on the market.

“We have systems in our labs that are two to three times faster than anything available. That’s the kind of performance that is going to be needed,” he said. ‘Building systems that are built for AI first is really inevitable, and it’s a huge opportunity for Dell and Nvidia to collaborate together.”

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The two companies have been working together for 25 years starting with the Dell Dimension, followed by the Dell Optiplex, Huang said.

“Now we are inventing the next generation of enterprise servers together,” he said. “I would say the next 10 years is where enterprises begin benefiting from artificial intelligence. The last 10 years we have made some giant breakthroughs in procession; in recognizing patterns and relationships, but the real industrius part about intelligence is really about production. It’s about generating words, generating images, generating content, creation.”

Dell and Huang were together to announce Dell’s new generation of PowerEdge servers, which leverage Intel’s 4th generation of Xeon scalable processors as well as Nvidia chips to accelerate performance across the network.

The server boosts AI inferencing by up to 2.9 times while also giving a 20 percent boost to the number of virtual desktop infrastructure users and a 50 percent boost to the number of SAP sales and distribution users on one server compared with earlier models.

Dell also can equip the server with Nvidia Bluefield-2 data processing units to provide additional offload acceleration. The servers are made for private, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Here are five things to know about Dell’s new line of PowerEdge servers built with Intel’s 4th Generation Xeon Scalable processor:

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