Net At Work Taps Microsoft Alum As EVP Of Corporate Development

In the newly created role, Nancy Teixeira will oversee mergers and acquisitions at fast growing Net at Work and help expand the New York-based company’s Partner Alliance program.

Net at Work, a New York-based IT professional services and consulting firm, has tapped Microsoft alum and channel veteran Nancy Teixeira as executive vice president corporate development.

In the newly created role, Teixeira will oversee mergers and acquisitions and help expand Net at Work’s Partner Alliance program.

Teixeira, who assumed her new role this month, spent many of her channel years at vendors like Microsoft and Sage. While at Sage she was able to work with Net at Work, “and was always impressed at the level of strategic thinking and execution that they were exhibiting.”

She also liked how the solutions provider, No. 261 on CRN’s 2023 Solution Provider 500, was diversifying all of its business units.

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“It's just different in terms of the way they're looking at the market…and how do we stay resilient,” she said.

Teixeira said the company is planning to grow in three different ways: organically, through mergers and acquisitions, and through its Partner Alliance program.

The one “golden thread” Net at Work will be looking at when it comes to M&A is a good cultural fit, regardless of size, she said.

“M&A is something that I've had tremendous interest in over the years,” she said. “The only activity I've had related to M&A at the [vendor] level was integrating the businesses post M&A. I wasn't involved at all in the front end and the due diligence about who and why are they the right company for us to acquire. I find that incredibly interesting. The fact that this role will see me deeply involved in that function, it’s an amazing opportunity to be at this stage in my career and to be able to say I'm learning something new.”

For the Partner Alliance program, Teixeira will be looking at different tools, how they can be used and expectations in terms of how partners will engage through the platform.

Igal Rabinovich, Net at Work director of partner success, said the Partner Alliance program has just over 300 partners with plans to add more than 100 over the next year. The program helps MSPs grow and succeed through sales, product and marketing support, lead generation services, business strategy and more.

The next phase of the program includes a partner portal and thought leadership marketing and support resources, like virtual CIO master classes.

“This year we signed our first [vendor],” Rabinovich said. “We are looking closely at marketplaces as we're seeing this slow shift of technology companies selling and moving into marketplaces. We’re trying to understand what that looks like and what it means for us. We're exploring potentially participating in a marketplace or maybe eventually even setting up our own marketplace just because of our size and what we have going on.”

And Teixeira’s new role moves the company one step closer to building a channel program available through a technology advisor.

She said not all partners may be in a position to see aggressive growth. The Partner Alliance program would allow them to reap the benefits, “by having the sophistication of the network engine, the marketing and the sales engine.

“It's just different in terms of the way we’re looking at the market,” she said. “The level of acceleration and momentum in that program has been driven by Igal’s work. There's a ton of opportunity and, in some cases, that's net-new skills that I haven't had to flex muscles on yet.”