These Are The Stellar AI And Machine Learning Tool Startups To Know In 2023

AI is the hottest segment of the IT industry right now. As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023, here are six AI and machine learning technology startups, founded in 2017 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.

An Intelligent Approach

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology has been a hot area in recent years. But in the last year, following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT generative AI tool, the space has absolutely exploded with many pundits declaring the impact on the IT industry to be on a par with the internet and the Apple iPhone.

Virtually every IT vendor has raced to incorporate AI into their offerings and solution providers have sought ways to add AI/ML services and expertise to their solutions.

Not surprisingly, AI and machine learning has been a hot sector for startups. Some are providing the tools and platforms for building AI-based applications and machine learning models, infusing existing IT software with AI capabilities, providing security for new AI systems and machine learning models, and managing the huge volumes of data AI/ML systems need to function.

All this means that AI and machine learning technologies present a major opportunity for solution providers. As part of CRN’s Stellar Startups for 2023, here are six AI and machine learning technology startups, founded in 2017 or later, that solution providers should be aware of.


Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Muddu Sudhakar, Co-Founder, CEO

Aisera, the “ChatGPT” for the enterprise, brings generative AI to enterprises that require domain-specific LLMs.

Aisera helps enterprises dramatically reduce operational expenses through the power of LLMs and AI automation. Enterprises can accelerate development and reduce costs for building LLMs or buy a generative AI platform with built-in LLMs. Aisera’s LLMs, execution engine and APIs enable enterprises to custom-develop solutions with customers’ specific data.

Partners can leverage Aisera’s AI Copilot offering to build out their Generative AI and automation practices. Aisera provides bundles with Microsoft, AWS, ServiceNow and 500-plus other integrations. And with Aisera, MSPs can improve the way they offer outsourced help desk services and IT operations.

Website: https//

Cranium AI

Founded: 2022

Top Executive: Jonathan Dambrot, CEO

Cranium is the enterprise AI security and trust software company helping organizations ensure their AI systems are secure, trustworthy and compliant.

Through its Cranium Enterprise software platform, organizations can map and monitor their AI/ML environments for adversarial threats while demonstrating internal and third-party compliance.

As AI is being implemented into every business process, Cranium AI will provide value by ensuring that AI systems properly handle vital resources such as health, financial and consumer data.



Founded: 2022

Top Executive: Chris Sestito, Co-Founder, CEO

HiddenLayer helps enterprises safeguard machine learning models with a comprehensive security platform.

Partners use HiddenLayer’s product to secure customers’ AI, leading to more AI adoption. Its flagship platform, Machine Learning Detection and Response, complemented by its ML Model Scanner, enables companies to leverage publicly trained models in a safe and secure manner.


Judy Security

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Raffaele Mautone, Founder, CEO

Judy provides all-in-one protection for data, passwords and devices and provides the expertise of a whole cybersecurity team, all packaged in a single, AI-powered security platform.

Many solution providers have tried to stitch together different point products and find it doesn’t work. Partners can build trust and relationships with customers by providing them with affordable, robust, all-in-one cybersecurity protection.



Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Mark Klarzynski, CEO

Peak:AIO’s AI Data Server is simple software designed for the modern world of AI. The company’s technology converts off-the-shelf servers into an AI-focused, ultra-performance, RDMA NAS power horse, driving GPUs and AI innovation at a high speed and lower price.

Peak:AIO enables resellers to provide more effective AI solutions within realistic budgets for AI startups, helping them win business quicker.



Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Mike Del Balso, Co-Founder, CEO

The Tecton data platform enables data scientists to turn huge volumes of raw data into production-ready features, the predictive signals that feed machine learning models.

Tecton’s founders worked together at Uber where they developed the ride-hailing service company’s Michelangelo machine learning system.