Zorus Picks CTO Brett Cheloff As Next CEO

‘Within the MSP community, we find ourselves at an exciting juncture, poised to innovate cybersecurity offerings and provide our partners with invaluable data and insights to fuel their business growth,’ says Brett Cheloff, Zorus’ new CEO.


Brett Cheloff

MSP-focused cybersecurity vendor Zorus has named ConnectWise veteran and current chief technology officer, Brett Cheloff, as its new CEO beginning on Sept. 5.

Cheloff will replace the current CEO of the Norwalk, Conn.-based vendor, Ian McChord, as he is “departing the company to pursue new interests after helping lead the company for the past three years,” according to a news release.

CRN has reached out to Zorus for comment.

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Cheloff has been CTO at Zorus since March 2022. Prior to that, he worked at Tampa, Fla.-based vendor ConnectWise for 12 years as VP of product for Automate, according to his Linkedin page.

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“Brett Cheloff has been an integral part of the success and growth at Zorus,” Paul Sagan, chair of the Zorus board of directors, said in a statement. “The Board recognized his extensive experience developing leading products for the MSP channel and his significant contributions to the company’s go-to-market strategy. Brett’s success and 19 years of experience in the industry make him a natural for this assignment, and his steadfast commitment to innovation makes him the ideal person to amplify growth at Zorus.”

As CTO, Cheloff has been the lead in enhancing the development of next-generation cybersecurity products from Zorus, which has seen “strong customer and revenue growth” in helping MSPs fight off ransomware, phishing and botnet attacks.

“I’m beyond excited to announce that going forward I’ll be the CEO for Zorus and humbled by the support and backing of the Zorus board of advisors and Ian McChord for selecting me for the job,” Cheloff wrote in a Linkedin post. “I’ve learned a lot, from so many over the years, but the primary lesson I feel was most important was just be yourself and surround yourself with driven, like-minded, smarter people than you.. and you become unstoppable.”

As CEO, he said he’ll continue his passion in helping create a product that “truly enables MSPs to grow their business conversations with their customers while keeping them safe and secure.”

McChord said all the challenges he’s face “cannot even come close to the fulfillment and pride I have gained from working here.”

“So many of you took a chance on Zorus and stuck with us through thick and thin,” he said in a Linkedin post. “This business only exists to help you protect your clients and grow your business. The channel is a fantastic community and one I feel so grateful to have served again. Zorus will continue to listen to our partners and we have an excellent roadmap that is 100 percent channel driven.

“While tomorrow I sign off as an executive for Zorus I am not leaving completely,” he added. “I will continue to support the company in an investor role. I will always believe in Zorus’s mission and will be cheering the loudest from the sidelines.”