EMC Engages ISVs

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You know that Easy Button featured in Staples' TV ads, the one that fixes all of a company's problems with a mere push? Well, scores of vendors wish they had one to streamline their programs. Take EMC. When we asked VARs to tell us who they thought was easy to do business with as part of our 2005 Annual Report Card study on partner satisfaction, EMC came up short in the network storage and enterprise storage management software categories.

Fast-forward to this year. Now the company, following in the footsteps of IBM and others, is making good on a promise to streamline its worldwide ISV partner programs under a single Velocity ISV Program. The program will have common terms and conditions that will leverage the best from all of its distinct programs, while creating a unified, simpler way for ISVs to engage EMC.

The underlying need for doing this was simple, says Pete Koliopoulos, senior director of offer and channel marketing at EMC. After inheriting several hundred software partners worldwide in the past five years through the acquisitions of Documentum, Legato, VMWare and others, EMC had complexity aplenty with overlapping programs and policies. That limited the number of partners who could easily work with multiple parts of the company's software portfolio.

"Now you come in under one contract under Velocity, and you can extend that under multiple disciplines," Koliopoulos says.

Not exactly a button, but easier nonetheless.

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