Cervalis To Offer Continuity Service

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Cervalis plans to introduce a business continuity service this week called Hot Stand-by Site.

The service mirrors the configurations of a customer's environment, including data and applications, in Cervalis' New York or Connecticut data centers. If and when a customer's environment goes down, the environment in Cervalis' centers is turned on.

Data is updated at least every 24 hours, but customers can set their own parameters for data updates. The service includes test systems and transition services to ensure that the environment crossover works.

Cervalis is set to debut the service to potential customers and its 100 solution provider partners during a seminar this month. One company in the Florida hurricane belt has signed on so far, said Zack Margolis, vice president of marketing and business development for Cervalis, based here.

"We are finding that a Hot Stand-by Site is something that a lot of companies, especially companies that have a heavy emphasis on e-commerce and e-business and do business over the Internet constantly, are interested in," said Margolis. "After Sept. 11, disaster recovery has become a priority."

Cervalis will rely on partners to perform assessments and to design the environments for Hot Stand-by Sites, said Margolis.

Partner Strategic Technologies, Cary, N.C., is adding Hot Stand-by to its service offerings and offers Cervalis' other infrastructure management services to its customers.

Strategic Technologies is conducting a performance management test on Cervalis customer Health Management Online's application environment.

"The customer moved from NaviSite to Cervalis, and Cervalis brought us in to test the scalability of the customer's Java/Oracle-based application," said Jeff Monnes, account executive with Strategic Technologies.

Strategic Technologies was approached by several MSPs, but found that many were more interested in poaching its customer base than generating business for partners, said Monnes.

Cervalis, on the other hand, immediately started generating new business for Strategic Technologies, he said. The solution provider is Cervalis' primary Sun Microsystems, Veritas Software and Oracle technology supplier.

"The benefits of working with Cervalis are significant since the customer is already [in their data center and needs services that Cervalis doesn't provide, like architectural design, performance management and application development," said Monnes.

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